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Polyaspartic Monthly – May 2013

Sparta-Flex® XT™ Polyaspartic
Performance Polyaspartic Top-Coat Sparta-Flex XT™ represents the very latest in high performance polyaspartic coating technology. This 92% solids material is designed to be used as an ultra-chemical and abrasion resistant top-coat material over Epoxy or Polyaspartic based coating systems.

Sparta-Flex® XT™ is a ultra-high performance 92% solids polyaspartic coating material designed for maximum chemical and abrasion resistance. Representing the very latest in polyaspartic coating technology, XT™ is a green-friendly product with minimal odor and less than 50 VOCs. Sparta-Flex® XT™ is available in a clear as well as a pigmented version and is widely utilized as a performance top-coat over traditional resinous flooring systems. Read more…

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Polyaspartic Monthly – March 2013

New Case Study
Central Marine, Alpen-Glow Metallic™ Polyaspartic Floor Coating

Check out a recent case study which follows the installation of an Alpen-Glow™ metallic flooring system from HP Spartacote. View pictures and learn more about the potential of using HP Spartacote’s metallic flooring on your next project.
Read more…

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Polyaspartic Monthly – January 2013

Aqua-Flex WB/FC™
Now Available in Clear !
HP Spartacote, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of a new clear version of its popular Aqua-Flex WB/FC™waterborne primer. This recently developed product compliments the existing pigmented Aqua-Flex™ product line by establishing a new array of decorative and protective floor coating systems.
Specifically, this material is designed to be used as an indoor O-VOC, Odor-Free primer over stained or other decorative concrete applications. Aqua-Flex WB/FC™ primer dries within 2-hours at which point it may be immediately top-coated with UV stable Sparta-Flex™ PURE Clear polyaspartic coating, creating a highly functional and aesthetically appealing flooring solution. Aqua-Flex WB/FC™ Clear may also be used in multi-broadcast quartz/chip flooring applications requiring no odor. Its rapid cure schedule helps to limit downtime and save money.
World of Concrete 2013!
February 5th-8th
Las Vegas, NV
HP Spartacote is excited for this year’s World of Concrete! Please be sure to come by and see us in booth #S11315 to meet our team and learn more about our new products for 2013.
NEW! Odor-Free Dye & Seal System
Learn more about our new high performance decorative concrete dye and seal application for indoor use. This new offering incorporates our widely popular Abstract concrete dyes with our durable and fast curing Sparta-Flex® PURE top-coat. More… 

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Polyaspartic Monthly – June 2012

Coors Field – Case Study
Check out a recent case study that reviews a high traffic Sparta-Stain™ polyaspartic flooring system after 81 home games and foot traffic from hundreds of thousands of fans… read more…
Buy 2 Get 1 Free – Ends June 29th!
HP Spartacote’s buy 2 get 1 free special on our most popular colors of Abstract™ Concrete Dye ends June 29th.
* Caramel
* Black
* Mohagany
* Raw Sienna
* Pumpkin
* Dark Alder
Product Profile: HP Surface-Build SL™
HP Surface Build SL™ is a 100% solids, self leveling resurfacing agent that designed to be used as a prime coat over damaged or pitted concrete floors. Read More

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Polyaspartic Monthly – May 2012

Metallic Pigments
AlpenGlow™ metallic pigments from HP Spartacote offer designers and flooring contractors a unique opportunity to create highly durable Sparta-Flex® polyaspartic flooring systems with tremendous color and depth. More…
Coverage Guide
HP Spartacote’s system coverage guide is a resource that allows installers to rapidly calculate material requirements based on square footage. Please contact us today to order a copy or download by clicking here: System Guide
Dye Special!
Stock up on our most popular Abstract™ Concrete Dye colors. Through the end of June 2012, buy 2 get 1 free!

Dark Alder

Fast Cure Coatings: How Polyaspartics differ from MMAs…
Due to their rapid return to service, Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) and Polyaspartic coatings offer tremendous advantages over standard epoxy coatings. Both provide for limited facility down-times during installation with a durable. More…

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    HP Spartacote Launches AlpenGlow Metallic Pigments for concrete surfaces

HP Spartacote Launches AlpenGlow Metallic Pigments for concrete surfaces

HP Spartacote, Inc., a manufacturer of high performance patented polyaspartic concrete coatings, is pleased to announce the launch of AlpenGlow™ metallic pigments. AlpenGlow™ pigments use synthetically produced aluminum platelets coated with metal oxides to produce beautiful color intensity and luster. Available in twelve brilliant colors, these pigments are designed to be dispersed directly into Sparta-Flex® and Sparta-Flex® PURE™ polyaspartic coatings for concrete by HP Spartacote®.

AlpenGlow™ pigments can be incorporated into a number of commercial and decorative concrete coating systems. Ideal applications include showrooms, retail spaces and other high-end commercial floors that are subject to heavy traffic on a daily basis. These pigments provide interior designers and architects with the ability to create flooring finishes that exhibit incredible depth and color. Multiple pigments may also be used, allowing specifiers to customize systems that properly compliment a space’s overall environment.

AplenGlow™ pigments are sold by distributors throughout North America to licensed HP Spartacote® contractors. For more information or to download a color card, click here.


About HP Spartacote®:
HP Spartacote® is dedicated to producing cutting edge high performance polyaspartic coatings with a rigorous focus on new product development, comprehensive technical support and the advancement of this unique technology within the concrete coatings industry. Interfacing directly with facility managers, architects and engineers, the company develops customized coating systems to meet the needs of each specific project. Its products are distributed throughout the world to commercial and industrial coating contractors and include a wide variety of sustainable green-friendly coating solutions.

HP Spartacote, Inc.
810 brickyard Circle #1
Golden, CO 80403
Toll-Free: 866-966-1329

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Polyaspartic Monthly™ – March 2012

Golden, Colo., Mar. 6 /–  Indoor No Odor Polyaspartic:
Indoor commercial settings often involve environments that are sensitive to solvent odors and VOCs. As a consequence, facility managers and contractors are left with limited options for high performance floor coating solutions. Additional challenges such as the ability to withstand heavy foot and vehicular…more…
Case Study: Fire Station
With a history dating back to 1905, the Wellington Fire Protection District proudly serves over 3000 residents living throughout an area of 288 square miles in Northern Colorado. The members respond over 500 calls per year ranging in nature from medical emergencies to hazardous…more…

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    Independent Results – Slip Test for Sparta-Quartz polyaspartic concrete coating system

Independent Results – Slip Test for Sparta-Quartz polyaspartic concrete coating system

United Kingdom Anti-Slip Standard Testing Results for
Sparta-Quartz™ Quartz Concrete Coating System

Care of:

Unit 11
Eastburn Mills, Skipton Road
Eastburn, Keighley
West Yorkshire, UK
BD20 7SU

Slip Testing – Standard 4 Coat Sparta-Quartz System

24th February 2012
We were supplied with a ply board panel coated with standard 4 Coat Sparta-Quartz System on 21st February 2012, in order to carry out Slip Resistance measurements. The quartz system was beige in colour.

Slip Resistance
The equipment used was a TRRL Pendulum manufactured by Stanley and calibrated in May 2011. Testing was in accordance with BS7976 Pt 1-3:2002. The equipment was fitted with a 4S rubber slider as stated in the UK Slip Resistance Group Guidelines Issue 3 2005. Wet and dry measurements were taken. The floor sample was tested as delivered i.e. not cleaned. The room temperature was 17.5ºC.


According to The UK Slip Resistance Group Guidelines Issue 3 2005 Pendulum Test Values (PTV) are related to slip potential as follows (when
using a 4S Slider) :-

– High Potential for slip:  PTV 0-24Moderate Potential for slip PTV 25-35
– Low Potential for slip:  PTV 35-65
– Extremely Low potential for slip:  PTV Above 65

All the readings were in the Extremely Low Potential for slip class.
It was noted that the surface was very aggressive & the slider had to be reprepared
after each run.

Report checked by :
Angela Calvert John Ashworth MPRI PhD MBAE
Technologist Principal

Download PDF

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