Resinous flooring owners find SPARTACOTE Metallic coating systems beautiful, life-like, and unique. These coating systems are true works of art because no two are exactly the same. As a result, Metallic coatings are more desirable in the eyes of floor owners. Installers should take note of these particular coating systems as they offer the same benefits as regular Chip coatings systems, but with added uniqueness.

SPARTACOTE Metallic Coating systems offer you:
-A beautiful, unique look and feel
-Gloss, satin, or matte finish available
-Fast cure, 1 Day installation
-High traction with Grip additive
-Long lasting flooring
-3 year decorative surface warranty

Metallic Coating systems also offer the benefit of only 3 coats: a black base coat, the pigmented Metallic coating, and then the clear SPARTACOTE top coat.

With the fast curing capabilities you’ve come to know through the SPARTACOTE brand, these specialized concrete coating systems install fast, in well under one day. Floor owners can walk on the new Metallic coating in two hours and have wheeled traffic on these floors in 24 hours.

Where will you find SPARTACOTE Metallic Coating systems?
-Commons areas
-Show rooms
-Walkways and hallways
-Car Dealerships

Click here to download the SPARTACOTE Metallic Concrete Coatings system PDF.

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