Long-time SPARTACOTE concrete coatings installer, Minster Concrete Coatings, recently finished an involved, thick-build coatings project in a snack food manufacturing facility. This project included heavy surface prep, such as removing approximately 1,500 sq ft of existing brick flooring to prepare the surface to accept DRYTEK LevelEx, a self-leveling underlayment by LATICRETE International.

The photo below shows how long this brick had been in place in the floor—for decades.

In order for the SPARTACOTE coating to be applied properly, Minster Concrete Coatings had to remove each brick individually and then grind the existing surface by mechanical profile with 40 grit metal diamonds.

After brick removal and mechanical profile, the Minster Concrete Coatings crew applied DRYTEK primer to the surface and broadcast sand directly into the wet resin. This “sanded beach” texture gives the DRYTEK LevelEx self-leveling material a good bond to the existing concrete.

The Minster crew then opened the bags of DRYTEK LevelEx and began mixing in Hippo Mixers. These mixers allow for easy portability and placing properties. They then gauge raked the material into place, bringing the floor back up to the proper door height and sloped the surface downward to the drains. Minster did this self-leveling work in two separate pours.

Once they allowed the self-leveling material to cure out, the next step in this project called for applying DRYTEK Moisture Vapor Barrier (MVB), a 100% solids, two-part epoxy moisture mitigation material. The key to the DRYTEK MVB is good surface prep; the product requires a minimum CSP 3. Minster put a grinder on top of the cured DRYTEK Levelex material and ground it down to the CSP 3 for a good bond to the MVB. A few contractor benefits of the […]