Spartacote Flex PURE Clinical Plus – concrete coatings equipped with silver ion Antimicrobial technology applied in hospitals, schools, lobbies, hallways, showers, and bathrooms

SPARTACOTE Flex PURE Clinical Plus is a specialized coating system for prepared concrete surfaces that gives floor owners customized coating systems equipped with silver ion Antimicrobial technology, nonslip, high traction characteristics, very low VOC and low odor installations, and easy maintenance. These coating systems come in a variety of colors and textures, allowing designers and floor owners to customize them to fit the environment. Silver ion equipped concrete coatings provide superior protection against product degradation, discoloration, and odors.

The silver ion Antimicrobial agent works to mitigate bacteria and harmful microorganisms that come into contact with your floor on a daily basis, giving you peace of mind that your high traffic floor will hold up to high traffic demands. Additionally, the silver ion technology offers long lasting protection throughout the coating system.

Applied by professionally trained and experienced concrete coatings installers, SPARTACOTE Flex PURE Clinical Plus goes down easily over prepared concrete, minimizing any facility downtime. In fact, most coating systems can be applied in just one day, including customized finishes. These specialized coating systems help ensure your vital facility areas stay open and available, including spaces and rooms adjacent to where the coating is being applied. Our experienced concrete coatings installers understand that safety and facility uptime are top priorities within hospitals and schools, and they will do their best to accommodate tough project schedules.

You will discover SPARTACOTE FLEX PURE Clinical Plus in institutional bathrooms, hallways, clean rooms, offices, production areas, waiting rooms, locker rooms, showers, gyms, work-out facilities, and other demanding, high traffic areas that require mitigating harmful microorganisms.