In an effort to improve differentiation between Part A and Part B 5-gallon Spartacote Flex materials, we have changed the Part A packaging to a White Pail and Lid combination. The Part B units will remain in the standard grey pails. This change is effective immediately on all newly manufactured Spartacote Flex SB and PURE 5-gallon units.

Products to be packaged in White Pail/Lid:
9105-0005-2 — Flex SB PT A — Clear / 5 GAL
9114-0375-2 — Flex SB Pig Base PT A — Base/3.75 GAL
9145-0005-2 — Flex PURE PT A — Clear/5 GAL
9380-0005-2 — Flex PURE PT A CLINICAL + — Clear/5 GAL
9153-0375-2 — Flex PURE Pig Base PT A — Base/3.75 GAL
9382-0005-2 — Flex PURE Pig Base PT A CLINICAL + — Base/3.75 GAL