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Spartacote Quartz concrete coatings for exterior residential patios

Did you know that Spartacote Quartz concrete coatings make excellent floor finishes for exterior residential patios?

SPARTACOTE Quartz concrete coatings offer residential homeowners several benefits. These specialized coating systems give residential floor owners:

-Fast return to service
-Very low odor installation
-Customizable colors and textures
-Exceptional durability and abrasion resistance
-Low maintenance
-3 year decorative surface warranty

Recently, a residential homeowner had problems with her back patio. The ceramic tile that had been in place for years began cracking and peeling off of the surface. This causes numerous issues, including leaking water, poor aesthetics, and unsafe, nearly unwalkable surfaces. The homeowner researched many different flooring options, including tear-out and reinstalling the tile. After speaking with Maverick Contracting out of Morgantown, WV, she decided to try SPARTACOTE Quartz coatings for her exterior patio.

The Maverick concrete crew began removing the tile and the initial surface prep steps. They removed the mastic, the glue, and other debris. They noted numerous cracks and holes around the pillars which were likely the culprit for the water leaks.

They fixed the cracks, holes, and grooves by v-grooving them and patched the spalls and pop-outs with SPARTACOTE Fast Fix, a fast setting, two part concrete patch and repair material. After setting the concrete patching material, they ground the concrete substrate to an ICRI CSP 2. The concrete was then ready to accept the SPARTACOTE quartz coating system.

The Maverick Concrete crew then began the SPARTACOTE coatings process. They applied a base coat of SPARTACOTE Flex SB light grey. This concrete coating acts as the base primer coat and the underlying color of the coating system. Next, they broadcast the first coat […]

By Jeff Bonkiewicz|November 1st, 2016|Blog, Concrete Coatings, News, Polyaspartic

SPARTACOTE Chip concrete coatings systems for high-end residential garage floors installed by Trademark Garage Floors

Trademark Garage Floors prides themselves on their service quality, their cleanliness, and their professionalism on the job. They also enjoy marketing and selling SPARTACOTE® concrete coatings for their fast return to service characteristics. While some projects take an extra day to perform concrete surface preparation; Trademark was able to perform both the concrete surface preparation and apply a four coat SPARTACOTE Chip coating system entirely in one day from 8 AM to 9 PM, an impressive feat.

In this residential garage coatings project, an uncommon challenge was the walls. The walls were stucco with a sand finish. The Trademark crew prepped the walls with a very light grind to get rid of the sand finish. They then smoothed out the walls.

At the base of the walls, the homebuilder had put a special cement board as a moisture resistant cove with a 20” (500 mm) elevation. The cement board had to be hand sanded to properly accept the coating. The Trademark crew applied blue painter’s tape across the top of the base cove and they primed the wall and the floor at the same time.

After the walls and floor were prepared, they applied the SPARTACOTE clear coat on the walls, which was approximately 400 ft2 (360 m2). Then, they applied the SPARTACOTE clear coat to the floor. After the first clear coat was applied to the floor, the crew lightly sanded it and then followed that with a SPARTACOTE pigmented coat. For the pigmented coating, Trademark used a color that matched the chips. The crew then broadcast the chips into the wet resin.

After allowing for cure time, they performed a perpendicular scrape in both directions on the broadcast chip. Next, the crew cleaned the […]

By Jeff Bonkiewicz|May 11th, 2016|Blog, Concrete Coatings, News, Polyaspartic

[PDF Download.] Consumer’s Guide to Garage Concrete Coatings

Click here to download the Consumer’s Guide to Residential Garage Concrete Coatings PDF

What are concrete coatings?
Concrete coatings are seamless, extremely durable, decorative flooring systems. Concrete Coating formulations are epoxy, polyaspartic, polyurethane, and others, each one having its own pros and cons.

SPARTACOTE® concrete coatings systems are available in both polyaspartic and epoxy formulations that work well together or separately.

Can I customize these garage coatings?
Yes. SPARTACOTE® concrete coatings are highly customizable. You can pick your favorite colors and textures, and make these systems complement your garage or other residential spaces. Some SPARTACOTE® coatings, such as Metallics, are one-of-a-kind works of art.

How long does a garage concrete coating installation take?
SPARTACOTE® concrete coatings require a concrete surface profile (CSP) of 2. This CSP rating requires a concrete grinder to profile the floor surface in order to apply the SPARTACOTE® coating system properly, which is one of the reasons why SPARTACOTE® coatings are for professional use only. This surface prep typically takes a few hours depending upon the size of the area.

From there, the coatings applicator will apply your chosen coatings system, which can take several hours for a typical 300 sq ft garage. The actual SPARTACOTE® coatings application is typically done in one day. Please contact your local, trained SPARTACOTE® coatings applicator for a project schedule and estimate.

To view a SPARTACOTE® residential garage concrete coating installation, watch the video below:

How to install SPARTACOTE Garage Coating Systems for Concrete in Residential Spaces from Jeff Bonkiewicz on Vimeo.

Does the coatings material smell during installation?
Concrete coatings can smell during installation depending upon which system you select. The higher the solids content, the less smell there is at installation. If you wish to minimize smell, make sure […]

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