The rental car market has specific challenges when it comes to flooring repair. These large retail spaces cannot afford to have much facility downtime. Most important to the rental car retailer is keeping its facility open, providing a safe, high traction flooring solution. Despite other flooring solutions offering the durable, aesthetic qualities required in the long hours of retail found in the rental car market, they lack in rapid floor repair service turnaround time, chemical resistance and durable finish qualities.

SPARTACOTE® coating systems for prepared concrete surfaces offer solutions to these demanding high traffic, high uptime environments, like those found in rental car facilities. These coating systems have several advantages, including rapid return to service, high traction flooring, customized colors and textures, and excellent protection against abrasion, impact and chemicals.

Big retail spaces are no issue for experienced SPARTACOTE® coatings contractors well versed in these applications. They’re used to these demanding environments where a fast turnaround time and returning the floor to service ASAP are essential. Busy, high traffic, commercial floors can typically be returned to service within one day with a four person crew after surface prep. (The coatings contractor estimates the project schedule on a case-by-case basis.)

Additionally in these time-intensive environments, the final finish needs to be durable, able to withstand heavy car and truck traffic while remaining high-traction for human foot traffic at all times. Furthermore, the floor finish in retail rental car facilities needs to handle surface contaminants effectively, such as gasoline, motor oil, de-icing salts, and other harsh chemicals. SPARTACOTE® floor coating systems offer this protection and stand up well to various accidental spills. Clean-up is easy with simple, regular floor maintenance.

These photos show SPARTACOTE® coating systems applied in the Enterprise […]