Spartacote polyaspartic Vivid Dye coating system for concrete surfaces


How to Stain Concrete Floors with SPARTACOTE polyaspartic Vivid Dye coating system

This video shows you how to stain concrete floors with SPARTACOTE polyaspartic Vivid Dye coating system. This application includes water-based Vivid Dye red, Aqua-Flex WB fast-cure epoxy primer, and SPARTACOTE Flex SB topical polyaspartic sealer.

Over a properly prepared surface at CSP 2 or 3, apply Vivid Dye, spraying the dye in a uniform fashion. Vivid Dyes ship in water-based or acetone formulations.

Concrete stain drying times vary, depending upon your application’s conditions.

Upon drying, lightly pad oversprayed areas to clean up excess dye from the surface.

Mix 2-part epoxy Aquaflex WB. Broom or squeegee fast-curing Aquaflex onto the surface. … Follow by backrolling the primer. … Aquaflex WB goes down milky white, and dries clear. Cure time is approximately 2 hours.

After Aquaflex WB epoxy cures, prepare the SPARTACOTE polyaspartic topcoat sealer. Put down a ribbon of material onto the cured epoxy surface. Broom SPARTACOTE topcoat sealer around the area in a u-shaped fashion. Follow the broomed polyaspartic material with a roller, working the coating in. Finally, back-roll the SPARTACOTE topcoat sealer in a perpendicular fashion.