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    HP Spartacote® Introduces Sparta-Flex® XT™, High Performance Polyaspartic Top-Coat for Concrete Surfaces

HP Spartacote® Introduces Sparta-Flex® XT™, High Performance Polyaspartic Top-Coat for Concrete Surfaces

HP Spartacote® is pleased to announce the release of Sparta-Flex® XT™, an ultra-durable polyaspartic top-coat for concrete surfaces and resinous flooring systems.
Sparta-Flex® XT™ represents the latest in high performance polyaspartic concrete coating technology, offering increased durability and chemical resistance. This green-friendly, low-emitting material offers a 1-2 hour dry time with next-day full return to service. A 92% solids formulation, Sparta-Flex® XT™ is manufactured  from only the highest grade resins available with no excessive fillers or additives.

Exhibiting extremely high chemical and abrasion resistance, Sparta-Flex® XT™ may be incorporated in numerous types of applications and environments.  Along with the material’s UV stability, it maintains superior weathering capabilities and is a suitable as either an interior or exterior flooring solution. Sparta-Flex® XT™ can be used as a protective top-coat over polyaspartic, epoxy or urethane coating systems. It’s low VOC (<50g/l) and very low odor qualities offer viable applications within active heavy-traffic commercial and industrial environments.
One of the most exciting uses for Sparta-Flex® XT™ is as an alternative top-coat on all standard HP Spartacote® resinous flooring systems. Sparta-Guard™, Sparta-Chip™, Sparta-Quartz™, Alpen-Glow™, Sparta-Stain™ and Sparta-Seal™ applications may all substitute specified top-coats with Sparta-flex® XT™ in situations calling for an ultra-durable wearing surface with little to no residual solvent odors.
Aircraft hanger floor coatings, commercial resinous flooring systems and high performance industrial coatings represent the most common uses for Sparta-Flex®XT™. It’s immunity to hot-tire pickup failures common with epoxy floor coatings combined with a unique resistance to some of the harshest industrial chemicals constitute the primary reason why Sparta-Flex® XT™ is an ideal choice for some of the most demanding situations. The material performs remarkably well as a clear or pigmented top-coat for trowel down or broadcast urethane cement floor coating systems common within […]

By Ben Grier|September 24th, 2013|Polyaspartic
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    Independent Results – Slip Test for Sparta-Quartz polyaspartic concrete coating system

Independent Results – Slip Test for Sparta-Quartz polyaspartic concrete coating system

United Kingdom Anti-Slip Standard Testing Results for
Sparta-Quartz™ Quartz Concrete Coating System

Care of:

Unit 11
Eastburn Mills, Skipton Road
Eastburn, Keighley
West Yorkshire, UK
BD20 7SU

Slip Testing – Standard 4 Coat Sparta-Quartz System

24th February 2012
We were supplied with a ply board panel coated with standard 4 Coat Sparta-Quartz System on 21st February 2012, in order to carry out Slip Resistance measurements. The quartz system was beige in colour.

Slip Resistance
The equipment used was a TRRL Pendulum manufactured by Stanley and calibrated in May 2011. Testing was in accordance with BS7976 Pt 1-3:2002. The equipment was fitted with a 4S rubber slider as stated in the UK Slip Resistance Group Guidelines Issue 3 2005. Wet and dry measurements were taken. The floor sample was tested as delivered i.e. not cleaned. The room temperature was 17.5ºC.


According to The UK Slip Resistance Group Guidelines Issue 3 2005 Pendulum Test Values (PTV) are related to slip potential as follows (when
using a 4S Slider) :-

– High Potential for slip:  PTV 0-24Moderate Potential for slip PTV 25-35
– Low Potential for slip:  PTV 35-65
– Extremely Low potential for slip:  PTV Above 65

All the readings were in the Extremely Low Potential for slip class.
It was noted that the surface was very aggressive & the slider had to be reprepared
after each run.

Report checked by :
Angela Calvert John Ashworth MPRI PhD MBAE
Technologist Principal

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By Ben Grier|March 1st, 2012|Polyaspartic