In this video, you will discover how to install SPARTACOTE Metallic, SPARTACOTE Chip, and SPARTACOTE Guard coating systems for prepared concrete produced by our friends at Runyon Surface Prep.

SPARTACOTE® Metallic™ is a 3-coat, high performance polyaspartic or epoxy coating system which consists of a base pigmented black coat, a metallic coat and a final clear top-coat with optional traction additive.

1) SPARTACOTE® Flex Pigment Base & SPARTACOTE® Pigment Pack (Black color)
2) SPARTACOTE Flex Clear
3) SPARTACOTE Metallic™ Pigment Pack
4) SPARTACOTE Grip™ Traction Additive (optional)
5) SPARTACOTE Fast-Fix™ Crack Repair (optional)

1) Pigmented Prime Coat: 330 ft2/gal
2) Second Metallic Coat: 100 ft2/gal
3) Clear Top-Coat: 330 ft2/gal

For the SPARTACOTE Metallic pigment coatings data sheet, click here.

Concrete to be mechanically ground with metal bond diamonds to an ICRI CSP-2 profile (equivalent of 60-80 grit sandpaper). Grinder marks should not be visible as they may telegraph through the final surface. All cracks should be repaired prior to application with SPARTACOTE® Fast-Fix™ concrete repair material.

Moisture vapor transmission in concrete should be measured prior to installation and should not exceed 3 lbs/1000 ft2 or 75% relative humidity. For higher moisture floors, a base primer coat of DRYTEK™ Moisture Vapor Barrier primer should be installed prior to system application.

Pigmenting Coatings: Disperse a 1-qt pigment pack (black) into SPARTACOTE Part A Pigment Base (short-filled). Mix pigment into part A with a slow drill mixer for approximately 2 minutes until pigment is properly dispersed. Failure to do so will result in a potentially uneven finish.

Mixing Part A with Part B: Do not mix until ready for immediate use. Elevated temperature and humidity levels will reduce product […]