SPARTACOTE® concrete coatings experts performed daily live demos of the Metallic and Industrial Traffic Coatings for concrete at the 2016 World of Concrete in Las Vegas. They held numerous coatings demos daily in front of a captive audience of concrete contractors at the outdoor Decorative Pavilion.

SPARTACOTE® Metallic coatings demoed included Cobalt Blue, Copper, and Electric Orange. These coatings systems offer versatility, high traction, and unique, one-of-a-kind coatings artistry for commercial and residential concrete floors. The Metallic coatings system includes a black base coat. The Metallic coating color is then applied over the cured black base coat in an artistic fashion. Coatings experts then add sprinkles of denatured alcohol to give the Metallic color a 3-D effect. After the Metallic color coating cures, a clear top seal coat is added to finish the Metallic system.

SPARTACOTE® Industrial Traffic Coatings for concrete are very high traction flooring solutions for commercial and industrial floors. These versatile coatings can be applied both indoors and outdoors in commercial and industrial spaces, providing safe, nonslip characteristics. Industrial Traffic Coatings systems include a PURE prime concrete coating. The installer then follows this with a quartz broadcast into the wet PURE resin. After the quartz cures into the wet resin, the excess quartz is removed from the surface. The coatings installer then applies a pigmented SPARTACOTE SB grout coat with DIAMOND TOPP traction additive dispersed into the coating. The final pigmented SPARTACOTE SB topcoat with DIAMOND TOPP traction additive is then applied to give the finished surface one of the highest traction concrete coatings available on the market today.

Thank you to all coatings contractors and surface prep contractors who visited the LATICRETE SPARTACOTE team indoors and outdoors. We look forward to […]