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What are concrete coatings?
Concrete coatings are seamless, extremely durable, decorative flooring systems. Concrete Coating formulations are epoxy, polyaspartic, polyurethane, and others, each one having its own pros and cons.

SPARTACOTE® concrete coatings systems are available in both polyaspartic and epoxy formulations that work well together or separately.

Can I customize these garage coatings?
Yes. SPARTACOTE® concrete coatings are highly customizable. You can pick your favorite colors and textures, and make these systems complement your garage or other residential spaces. Some SPARTACOTE® coatings, such as Metallics, are one-of-a-kind works of art.

How long does a garage concrete coating installation take?
SPARTACOTE® concrete coatings require a concrete surface profile (CSP) of 2. This CSP rating requires a concrete grinder to profile the floor surface in order to apply the SPARTACOTE® coating system properly, which is one of the reasons why SPARTACOTE® coatings are for professional use only. This surface prep typically takes a few hours depending upon the size of the area.

From there, the coatings applicator will apply your chosen coatings system, which can take several hours for a typical 300 sq ft garage. The actual SPARTACOTE® coatings application is typically done in one day. Please contact your local, trained SPARTACOTE® coatings applicator for a project schedule and estimate.

To view a SPARTACOTE® residential garage concrete coating installation, watch the video below:

How to install SPARTACOTE Garage Coating Systems for Concrete in Residential Spaces from Jeff Bonkiewicz on Vimeo.

Does the coatings material smell during installation?
Concrete coatings can smell during installation depending upon which system you select. The higher the solids content, the less smell there is at installation. If you wish to minimize smell, make sure […]