For several years, SPARTACOTE® has exclusively developed and manufactured polyaspartic concrete coatings under the license of United States Patents 6,833,424 and 7,169,876. These two patents directly reflect what industry insiders consider to be the optimal raw material mixing ratio or “index” for dual-component polyaspartic concrete coatings. These patents give SPARTACOTE concrete coatings several unique advantages. SPARTACOTE protective coating systems offer superior levels of durability, flexibility, adhesion, corrosion resistance, and chemical resistance. SPARTACOTE moisture cure coating chemistry enables product formulations that are not only applicable regardless of the climate but also dramatically reduce application times and costs. These coating systems offer superior performance vs. epoxy and urethane coating technology while allowing for ease of installation.

SPARTACOTE concrete coating systems offer the following advantages for coatings contractors:

• Extended working times that provide contractors with ample opportunity to successfully install materials, greatly improving the consistency and finish of seamless, resinous concrete flooring systems.

• Rapid Cure Properties. As a one-to-one mix, SPARTACOTE products are designed to dry within 1-2 hours and drive-on within 24 hours.

• Superb Durability. SPARTACOTE does not incorporate excessive non-reactive additives into its
coatings. Competing materials do this to help compensate for reduced pot life and to reduce costs, consequently diminishing product performance.

To download the Concrete Coatings Comparison PDF of Epoxy vs. Polyurethane vs. SPARTACOTE, click here.

• Color & Gloss Retention. 100% UV clear topcoats and UV stable pigmented coatings & stains provide for a rich and long lasting finish that will not fade, amber or peel.

• Superior Resilience that Lasts. Following full chemical cure, SPARTACOTE polyaspartics will resist film tightening over time. Film tightening is a common issue for certain coatings, which can impair adhesion and increase the potential for failure.

• Superior Coating Adhesion […]