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Behind the Scenes for creating the SPARTACOTE® Concrete Coatings path at International Surfaces exhibition

This is a behind the scenes look into SPARTACOTE® concrete coatings systems in action on the booth path for the new LATICRETE® International Surfaces’ exhibition coming up on January 20th.

SPARTACOTE® coatings pros Troy Wicks, Nate Barker, and Eric Pucilowski flew into the designer space to apply various SPARTACOTE concrete coatings over MDF board cut to resemble a beach path.

We’re excited to exhibit SPARTACOTE® for the first time at the 2016 Surfaces show in Las Vegas.

Read below to find out what the processes were, SPARTACOTE® products involved, and the timeline to create this fabulous decorative concrete coatings project.

Decorative Concrete Coatings Process

First, they taped over each seam. They then latex caulked in each joint.

Next, they coated the entire MDF board in SPARTACOTE® WB epoxy primer.

Then, they did a Follow up coat of SPARTACOTE® Flex PURE black.

After that, they taped-out the boxes of the LATICRETE 60th anniversary logo.

Following the taping, they painted the border of the box using SPARTACOTE® Flex XT w Metallic Arctic Ice and Chrome.

Next, they applied Cobalt Blue Metallic in the Surface Build 150 epoxy coating.

After that, Troy broadcast Blue Moon quartz along the edge for the first layer of the beach.

Next, they put down SPARTACOTE® Flex XT and broadcast quartz into that for the second layer of the beach.

Finally, they applied SPARTACOTE® Flex SB Clear over entire the walkway.

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Proven Installation Systems for new and existing concrete surfaces featuring SPARTACOTE decorative resinous flooring

Check out the new proven installation system brochure for new and existing concrete surfaces, featuring SPARTACOTE decorative, resinous flooring. These systems are designed for interior & exterior concrete, for just about any installation situation. These include New exterior and interior concrete, interior retrofits, interior hospitality, retail, and numerous others.

The following LATICRETE product lines are included in these various systems: DRYTEK self-leveling underlayments; L&M Construction Chemicals; and SPARTACOTE decorative resinous coating systems. These product line systems do an excellent job exhibiting LATICRETE proven installation systems for concrete.

Download the new LATICRETE installation system catalog for new and existing concrete surfaces today.

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Check out SPARTACOTE Guard Custom Blue decorative concrete coatings in Yoga Pods in the Greater Denver Area

SPARTACOTE decorative resinous coatings are available in numerous colors, textures and styles. Offerings include chip, quartz, metallic, mica chip, and solid color guard installations.

The SPARTACOTE Guard decorative coating system begins with a properly prepared concrete surface of CSP 2 or 3. Shotblast is preferred. Applicators then put down the chosen color base coat, typically a solid color. In the case of Yoga Pod, custom blue. It is then followed by a clear top coat sealer to protect the surface from contaminants. Optional traction additive is added as specified.

These decorative coating systems are fast, safe, low VOC and low odor, and perfect for retail environments such as Yoga Pod.

Check out the photos below to get a good sense of this fantastic decorative concrete flooring solution.

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