MIAMI, FL – Alex de Quesada, President of Natural Stone Solutions (NSS), hosted a recent training on SPARTACOTE® concrete coating systems and polished concrete at his facility located in Miami, FL. Alejandro Luna, LATICRETE technical sales rep in the South Florida Atlantic region and Wayne Hoerning, LATICRETE regional sales manager of the Caribbean, both were co-hosts with Alex.

Alejandro led the group contractor training in SPARTACOTE® concrete coatings systems, demonstrating the Chip, Quartz, Guard (solid color), VIVID DYE concrete stain and Metallic systems. He did an excellent job thoroughly explaining each SPARTACOTE® system in both English and Spanish while he applied the coating, often doing all of the work himself. Furthermore, he ensured that each training participant’s questions were answered before moving onto the next segment.

When Alejandro wasn’t doing the SPARTACOTE® coatings training, he was helping Alex from NSS show their own line of polished concrete equipment, called Stonecrete. The team had poured and placed L&M DURAFLOOR HP, a polishable overlay, on Tuesday, which set it up for polishing on Wednesday. Alex led the international concrete contractor group through the diamond chain, beginning the polishing process with 40 grit metal bond diamonds all the way through the 3000 grit finish. After the 400 grit resin bond diamonds, they dyed the cementitious overlay with L&M VIVID DYE terra cotta and locked in the color with L&M LION HARD densifier.

Alejandro was enthusiastic about the International group training. He states, “It is great to see the buzz we are creating with SPD and how many decided to make the trip from Latin America and the Caribbean just before the holidays on such short notice. These trainings are usually planned several months in advance but we […]