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SPARTACOTE Metallic Concrete Coatings used to create ocean-like, decorative floor

One of the many excellent qualities of SPARTACOTE concrete coatings are their versatility & creativity. The only limits are the imagination of the coatings installer.

Here is an exceptional example of SPARTACOTE Metallic concrete coatings applied to resemble the ocean. Note the different hues and textures within the finish. Also, note the life-like effect of the Metallic coatings. These decorative flooring solutions really make rooms stand-out.

This floor was applied by Team Green Painting in Australia, creating a special Australian Day ocean-inspired floor. It is SPARTACOTE Metallic Cobalt Blue and Arctic Ice that give the look and feel of sea spray.

Congratulations, Team Green Painting, on a beautiful-looking, inspirational SPARTACOTE decorative floor!

By Jeff Bonkiewicz|January 27th, 2016|Blog, Concrete Coatings, News, Polyaspartic

How to install SPARTACOTE® FLEX Metallic, Guard, and Chip concrete coating systems for retail, residential and commercial floors

The Runyon Surface Prep team recently conducted in-depth, in-store training at their Carmel, IN, location on the proper application of several SPARTACOTE® concrete coating systems. One of their creatives produced the video below that shows the step-by-step process how to apply SPARTACOTE® FLEX Metallic, Guard, and Chip coating systems for concrete surfaces.

All of these SPARTACOTE® coating systems are available at Runyon Surface Prep locations in Carmel and Sacramento, CA, your certified SPARTACOTE® dealer.

SPARTACOTE® Metallic Concrete Coating Installation for concrete surfaces
This coating system incorporates highly refined metallic pigments with SPARTACOTE® coatings to provide brilliant color, variation and depth to concrete. It offers custom finishes to match any environment. It is available in 12 vibrant, UV stable colors with a multitude of finishes.

High-level application overview – single day, 3-coat application with next-day return to service:
Step #1: Apply SPARTACOTE® FLEX SB black base coat
Step #2: Apply Metallic Coat
Step #3: Apply Diamond-Topp™ Clear Top Coat

Where you’ll find SPARTACOTE® Flex Metallic concrete coating systems:
-Retail spaces

SPARTACOTE® FLEX SB Chip Coating System Installation for concrete surfaces
This system is a multi-coat, chip broadcast polyaspartic concrete coating designed to provide a durable, terrazzo-like, seamless flooring finish and a vertical surface wall coating. This coating system offers superior chemical resistance to gasoline, oil and de-icing salts, with minimal maintenance. It is available in standard chip and mica-chip blends and assorted finishes.

High-level application overview – single day, 3-coat application with next-day return to service:
Step #1: Apply pigmented SPARTACOTE® FLEX SB primer coat
Step #2: Apply clear broadcast coat
Step #3: Apply clear top-coat(s)

Where you’ll find SPARTACOTE® Flex SB Chip concrete coating systems:
-Locker rooms
-Retail spaces

SPARTACOTE® FLEX SB Guard Coating System Installation
This concrete coating system offers a solid color, high performance polyaspartic floor coating designed to […]

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