Your facility has a need for cleanliness. Your floor encounters microbial growth on a daily basis, putting your customers and employees at risk. People have high expectations that you will look after them before, during, and after their visit. Specific rooms in your building require microbial mitigation—how well does your current floor meet these expectations?

You need a flooring solution that contains additives to control these nasty pollutants. You need a fast-turnaround, customizable, high-traction flooring solution that is just right for your building’s specialized needs. Your facility’s floor needs a coating that dazzles with both form and function, allowing you and your team to concentrate on what you do best. Your facility needs SPARTACOTE® Flex PURE™ Clinical Plus.

How does it work?

As a concrete coating equipped with Anti-Microbial Technology, SPARTACOTE® Flex PURE™ Clinical Plus mitigates microbial growth forming daily on your floor. Tested and proven to control contaminants, this specialized coating is perfect for hospitals, veterinarian facilities, locker rooms, showers, bathrooms, and other demanding areas where microbial growth must be minimized. SPARTACOTE® Flex PURE™ Clinical Plus offers you dozens of customizable finishes, excellent durability, chemical resistance and fast return to service.

Spartacote Flex PURE Clinical Plus Antimicrobial Concrete Coatings for School hallways

Applied by trained coatings professionals, SPARTACOTE® Flex PURE™ Clinical Plus is a low odor, flexible, resinous coating for demanding institutional and commercial environments. Customize the coating to suit your facility’s needs. Available in dozens of chip, quartz, or solid colors, this high-traction coating system exceeds stringent design standards.

SPARTACOTE Flex PURE Clinical Plus offers you:
• Equipped with Antimicrobial technology
• One day installation with next-day return to service
• Available in dozens of colors and textures
• Green-friendly, very low VOC, low odor
• LEED eligible material
• High traction flooring
• Highly durable and long […]