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customizable concrete coatings

Versatile, durable SPARTACOTE PURE coating systems for demanding environments, such as exercise rooms, gyms, locker rooms and bathrooms

Flooring in gyms, exercise rooms, locker rooms, bathrooms and hallways is subject to heavy traffic, dirt, grease, sweat, grime, and other contaminants that make carpet a poor choice. Since these spaces see lots of human activity, they take a beating on a daily basis. These areas require safe, beautiful, durable flooring solutions that offer additional protection against impact and abrasion.

Gyms, exercise rooms, and locker rooms require regular maintenance—often nightly—which ensures the installed flooring remains safe for people using these facilities. This maintenance can mean extra workers, equipment, and applying harsh chemicals regularly to the surface. High maintenance flooring means more money and more time spent for floor owners, often as much as $1 per square foot.

Beautiful, versatile & durable SPARTACOTE Flex PURE resinous coating systems for concrete offer an excellent solution to these flooring challenges, including safe, very low odor, & fast installations. Also, these coating systems require only minimal, easy maintenance, making floor upkeep light on the facility’s budget.

Common SPARTACOTE Flex PURE coating applications include:
• Ideal for use in hospital, institutional or educational facilities requiring near odor-free and very low VOC installations
• Durable top-coat finish suitable for heavy foot-traffic commercial applications
• LEED eligible formulation may contribute to LEED material credits
• Multi-coat high traffic commercial and industrial solid color or seamless chip/quartz concrete flooring systems
• Decorative concrete dye applications

To download the SPARTACOTE Flex PURE LEED Green information PDF, click here.

The easy maintenance on SPARTACOTE Flex PURE coatings systems include dry mopping the floor regularly and then cleaning it with Simple Green® diluted with water. Just about any pH neutral cleaning agent will do. Simple floor maintenance practices ensure you get the most of our your new SPARTACOTE floor.

SPARTACOTE Flex PURE coating systems give floor owners: […]

By Jeff Bonkiewicz|January 31st, 2017|Blog, Concrete Coatings, News, Polyaspartic

[Video] How to install SPARTACOTE® Metallic, Chip, and Guard concrete coating systems

In this video, you will discover how to install SPARTACOTE Metallic, SPARTACOTE Chip, and SPARTACOTE Guard coating systems for prepared concrete produced by our friends at Runyon Surface Prep.

SPARTACOTE® Metallic™ is a 3-coat, high performance polyaspartic or epoxy coating system which consists of a base pigmented black coat, a metallic coat and a final clear top-coat with optional traction additive.

1) SPARTACOTE® Flex Pigment Base & SPARTACOTE® Pigment Pack (Black color)
2) SPARTACOTE Flex Clear
3) SPARTACOTE Metallic™ Pigment Pack
4) SPARTACOTE Grip™ Traction Additive (optional)
5) SPARTACOTE Fast-Fix™ Crack Repair (optional)

1) Pigmented Prime Coat: 330 ft2/gal
2) Second Metallic Coat: 100 ft2/gal
3) Clear Top-Coat: 330 ft2/gal

For the SPARTACOTE Metallic pigment coatings data sheet, click here.

Concrete to be mechanically ground with metal bond diamonds to an ICRI CSP-2 profile (equivalent of 60-80 grit sandpaper). Grinder marks should not be visible as they may telegraph through the final surface. All cracks should be repaired prior to application with SPARTACOTE® Fast-Fix™ concrete repair material.

Moisture vapor transmission in concrete should be measured prior to installation and should not exceed 3 lbs/1000 ft2 or 75% relative humidity. For higher moisture floors, a base primer coat of DRYTEK™ Moisture Vapor Barrier primer should be installed prior to system application.

Pigmenting Coatings: Disperse a 1-qt pigment pack (black) into SPARTACOTE Part A Pigment Base (short-filled). Mix pigment into part A with a slow drill mixer for approximately 2 minutes until pigment is properly dispersed. Failure to do so will result in a potentially uneven finish.

Mixing Part A with Part B: Do not mix until ready for immediate use. Elevated temperature and humidity levels will reduce product […]

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