Did you know that SPARTACOTE Metallic concrete coating systems are perfect flooring solutions for exercise rooms, show rooms, walkways, and hallways? These versatile concrete coatings offer customizable colors and textures—some one-of-a-kind—high traction, fast cure, and easy maintenance.

Take SPARTACOTE Metallic concrete coating systems. Beautiful Metallics offer vivid color, unique look and feel, depth of field, and fast return to service. You will find these unique coating systems in entryways, hallways, upscale bars and restaurants and clubs, and exercise rooms. To give your space an added flair, have your coatings system installer give you a custom Metallic floor. It is always a great conversation-starter, and makes your neighbors desire a custom, artistic finished flooring system for themselves.

All SPARTACOTE Metallic coating systems start with a black base coat of material. The black base coat acts as primary backdrop color from which all of the Metallic pigments bounce off of. The black base coat cures fast—typically in an hour depending upon environmental conditions.

From there, the concrete coatings installer applies the mixed Metallic pigment coat, and works the color around the surface. This is where the art in Metallic coatings comes into play. The installer will usually work the material in a figure 8 style, creating unique patterns with the Metallic pigment. After covering the floor with custom Metallic pigment swirls, the installer will add dollops of denatured alcohol from a brush to create 3-D-like craters. These tiny drops give the floor flair and depth of feel. You start to see the floor come alive with this step in the Metallic coating system.

Upon Metallic coating cure after approximately one hour, the system can be top coated with a clear polyaspartic, usually with SPARTACOTE Grip traction additive […]