How to install pigmented DRYTEK™ Moisture Vapor Barrier concrete moisture mitigator with SPARTACOTE® FLEX™ clear top coat sealer

We recently installed DRYTEK™ Moisture Vapor Barrier (MVB) moisture mitigator for concrete surfaces that was pigmented gray and topped with a SPARTACOTE® FLEX™ polyaspartic coating. This is a custom system offered by LATICRETE that offers coatings contractors and floor owners color choices with moisture prevention in high vapor environments.

DRYTEK™ Moisture Vapor Barrier is a two-part, 100% solids epoxy coating system designed to control the moisture vapor emission rate from new and existing concrete surfaces.

The product’s benefits are:
-Fast cure
-Low VOC
-Low odor
-Easy to mix and install
-Part of DRYTEK™ system warranty
-Numerous color choices available
-Works in conjunction with SPARTACOTE® FLEX™ polyaspartic concrete coatings

SPARTACOTE® FLEX™ concrete coatings offer floor owners and coatings contractors:
-Fast return to service
-Low VOC & Low odor installations
-Numerous colors and textures from which to choose
-Environmentally-friendly products
-Proven installations in dozens of industries & environments
-High impact and wear resistance
-Excellent abrasion and chemical resistance
-Three year product warranty

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The following are the instructions for How to install Pigmented DRYTEK™ Moisture Vapor Barrier with SPARTACOTE® FLEX™ PURE

Begin with a properly prepared substrate, Grinding or shotblasting the concrete surface to a CSP 3 to 5.

Mix DRYTEK™ Moisture Vapor Barrier, parts A & B, with pigmented material. Mixing instructions vary by packaging size. Check the product data sheet for proper mixing instructions.

Apply a ribbon of pigmented Moisture Vapor Barrier material to the prepared concrete surface. Broom or squeegee onto the floor to 12 mils thickness.

Work the material in a u-shaped fashion.

To ensure proper adhesion and uniform coverage, back-roll the material using a roller.

DRYTEK™ Moisture Vapor […]