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FAST Concrete Repair with SPARTACOTE FAST FIX by Morgantown Concrete

Professional Concrete and Coatings Contractors run into all kinds of different concrete problems when they’re working in the field. These include pop-outs, pitting, scaling, and spalling. While concrete is a wonderful building material, it is not without its problems. Concrete cracking is so commonplace that expert contractors expect to find them in the field. They plan for them and are never surprised whenever they’re encountered.

While large cracks are not as common as hairline fractures, these can be particularly pernicious to a resinous floor coating if left untreated. As the substrate continues to move—and it does—it takes the floor coating along with it as it expands further. Any floor coating is only as good as its underlying concrete substrate. A weak or unsound concrete surface creates a weak or unsound floor coating, covering or topping.

To complement its polyaspartic and epoxy concrete coatings, SPARTACOTE also offers FAST FIX, a two part, very fast setting hybrid urethane repair material for concrete cracks, spalls, pop-outs, and hairline fractures. Combined with aggregate, FAST FIX can be used for patching spalls and repairing joints and large cracks in concrete. Available in low odor formulations, FAST FIX sets up within ten minutes after mixing, and the exothermic material expands to fill in the repair areas. After approximately 20 minutes, installers can grind off the excess material by mechanical profile, taking the concrete surface to an ICRI CSP 2. This makes for speedy concrete repairs necessary for installers under tight project schedules.

Watch our quick tutorial video on SPARTACOTE FAST FIX:

• Feather edge repairs – no square cutting required
• Very fast prep and minimal downtime
• Meets USDA requirements
• Rapid application & Set Times
• Cold application to -35º F
• Excellent abrasion […]

By Jeff Bonkiewicz|June 6th, 2017|Blog, Concrete Coatings, News, Polyaspartic

Concrete contractors train on SPARTACOTE® concrete coatings at Innovative Floor Coatings in New Port Richey, FL

Concrete contractors train on SPARTACOTE® concrete coatings at Innovative Floor Coatings in New Port Richey, FL

Mark Plumb, owner of Innovative Floor Coatings based in New Port Richey, FL, hosted a recent training on SPARTACOTE® concrete coating systems. David Schneider and Ben Grier, SPARTACOTE subject matter experts, were lead trainers along with Mark on the coatings systems.

The two day training begins with an overview of proper concrete surface prep procedures and various concrete surface profiles. From there, the team discusses concrete crack repair and cove base installation using Cab-o-sil with the coatings materials.

At such trainings held by Innovative Coatings and SPARTACOTE, Contractors get hands-on with the materials, aiding in mixing and rolling the materials out. This hands-on experience is an excellent way for them to build comfort with the various SPARTACOTE coatings systems and make mistakes in a safe environment vs. on the job.

Training participants apply materials to build Chip, Quartz, and Metallic concrete coatings systems, with Schneider, Grier, and Plumb assisting and guiding as needed. Further discussions include bidding jobs for profit, active pursuit of both residential and commercial work, and SPARTACOTE best practices for coatings installers.

Thank you to all participants for their time and effort at the Innovative Floor Coatings training.

Look for more details on upcoming SPARTACOTE coatings system trainings in 2017.

Mark Plumb, Owner
Innovative Floor Coatings
5839 Trouble Creek Rd.
New Port Richey, FL 34652

By Jeff Bonkiewicz|December 5th, 2016|Blog, Concrete Coatings, News, Polyaspartic