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One LATICRETE Tour – Coming soon to a city near you…[PDF download of 2017 tour dates included]

This summer, we take SPARTACOTE coating systems on the road with us, hitting dozens of cities all across the U.S. It’s like our own Rock show we bring to your town. It is the One LATICRETE Tour.

Click here to download the One LATICRETE Tour PDF for east coast dates + cities.

SPARTACOTE concrete coatings system experts will be on the road this summer, taking their expertise to local venues for training distributors, flooring installers, surface prep pros, and more. If you’ve ever been to LATICRETE training before, you know they’re an excellent place to learn, to meet other flooring pros, and to get hands-on with the materials. The One World Tour will be just like those trainings, only more frequent and in far more cities than normal.

At the training, you will discover the following:
-Customized Metallic coating systems
-Quartz coating systems
-Mitigating moisture within the slab
-Concrete repair methods
-Cove base installation
-Vertical installation
-And much more!

Coming Near You!

Confirmed dates:
May 4th – Charlotte, NC

May 11th – Jacksonville, FL

May 18th – Boston, MA

June 8th – Toronto, ON

June 14th – Brooklyn, NY

June 22nd – Raleigh, NC

June 29th – Syracuse, NY

July 19th – Pittsburgh, PA

July 20th – Miami, FL

Sept 14th – Richmond, VA

Sept 14th – White Plains, NY

Oct 5th – Alexandria, VA

Oct 5th – Hartford, CT

Oct 19th – Philadelphia, PA

Stay tuned for more.

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Upcoming SPARTACOTE training for Flooring and surface prep contractors at Innovative Floor Coatings in New Port Richey, FL

Upcoming SPARTACOTE® resinous flooring hands-on training for flooring and surface prep contractors.

Register for and attend the SPARTACOTE® coating systems & DRYTEK self-leveling underlayment hands-on demonstration & training at Innovative Floor Coatings in New Port Richey, FL, on Wednesday, March 22nd and Thursday, March 23rd. At this training, you will learn about SPARTACOTE concrete coatings best practices from resinous flooring experts with decades of experience in the field. Additionally, you will discover versatile DRYTEK self-leveling underlayments, also by LATICRETE International. These durable, multi-use products offer self-leveling, moisture mitigation, and other qualities that make for easy installation. They also give floor owners a 3 year decorative surface warranty.

There is no cost to attend the SPARTACOTE & DRYTEK training and lunch is included!

When: Wednesday, March 22nd and Thursday, March 23rd, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Where: Innovative Floor Coatings, 5839 Trouble Creek Rd., New Port Richey, FL 34652
Who Should Attend: Floor coverings installers, concrete surface prep contractors, Epoxy Coatings Installers, polished concrete contractors

To sign-up, call Jeff Bonkiewicz at 203-641-5395 or email

SPARTACOTE coatings & DRYTEK self-leveling underlayment Demonstration & Discussion Topics include:
-Proper surface preparation techniques, including CSP, fixing cracks & spalls, using skim coat, and installing cove base
-How moisture in concrete can ruin your job and what to do about it
-Why DRYTEK self-leveling underlayments? What’s in it for you?
-Particular SPARTACOTE coating systems for certain applications – why and how best are they installed?
-How contractors should market themselves to residential & commercial customers
-Shooting the floor for surface prep and prior to self-leveling underlayment application
-Microbials in flooring: what to do to mitigate them and minimize their harmful effects

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Come visit LATICRETE SPARTACOTE concrete coatings experts at the Colorado Concrete Expo and watch our concrete moisture mitigation demo

Come visit LATICRETE SPARTACOTE concrete coatings experts at the Colorado Concrete Expo and watch our live demo of DRYTEK Moisture Vapor Barrier, a pigmented epoxy primer base coat for concrete coating systems designed to mitigate moisture!

LATICRETE SPARTACOTE coatings experts will be at the 2016 Colorado Concrete Expo exhibiting SPARTACOTE concrete coating systems and performing a live demo of DRYTEK Moisture Vapor Barrier that accepts pigmented colors. This epoxy base coat not only mitigates moisture from your slab, but also acts as the base primer coat for SPARTACOTE polyaspartic coating systems.

SPARTACOTE coatings offer installers & floor owners customizable colors and textures, excellent impact, abrasion, and chemical resistance, and fast return to service, typically done in one day.

Additionally, these coatings systems offer fast cure, easy mixing, and exceptional quality resins all backed by a 3 year decorative surface warranty.

Denver-based SPARTACOTE coatings expert Adam Shutt will demo pigmented epoxy DRYTEK Moisture Vapor Barrier, showing its easy application and its versatility when used as a primer base coat. He will show how this base primer coat accepts chip and quartz media, and then onto scraping and top coating the system.

LATICRETE is the first manufacturer to offer this moisture mitigation + polyaspartic top coat system as an option, and Adam is excited to show you how easy it is to offer your customers both moisture mitigation, and a beautiful decorative floor with all the qualities of HP Spartacote you’ve come to know.

Adam Shutt is the Technical Sales Representative for LATICRETE Specialty Products Division covering Colorado, Wyoming, and New Mexico, and El Paso, TX.

He has an extensive background in the construction industry in one form or another, and has a great deal of experience working […]

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Concrete contractors train on SPARTACOTE® concrete coatings at Innovative Floor Coatings in New Port Richey, FL

Concrete contractors train on SPARTACOTE® concrete coatings at Innovative Floor Coatings in New Port Richey, FL

Mark Plumb, owner of Innovative Floor Coatings based in New Port Richey, FL, hosted a recent training on SPARTACOTE® concrete coating systems. David Schneider and Ben Grier, SPARTACOTE subject matter experts, were lead trainers along with Mark on the coatings systems.

The two day training begins with an overview of proper concrete surface prep procedures and various concrete surface profiles. From there, the team discusses concrete crack repair and cove base installation using Cab-o-sil with the coatings materials.

At such trainings held by Innovative Coatings and SPARTACOTE, Contractors get hands-on with the materials, aiding in mixing and rolling the materials out. This hands-on experience is an excellent way for them to build comfort with the various SPARTACOTE coatings systems and make mistakes in a safe environment vs. on the job.

Training participants apply materials to build Chip, Quartz, and Metallic concrete coatings systems, with Schneider, Grier, and Plumb assisting and guiding as needed. Further discussions include bidding jobs for profit, active pursuit of both residential and commercial work, and SPARTACOTE best practices for coatings installers.

Thank you to all participants for their time and effort at the Innovative Floor Coatings training.

Look for more details on upcoming SPARTACOTE coatings system trainings in 2017.

Mark Plumb, Owner
Innovative Floor Coatings
5839 Trouble Creek Rd.
New Port Richey, FL 34652

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Upcoming LATICRETE and STI polished concrete & coatings contractor training – March 16th

LATICRETE concrete experts and STI polished concrete experts have once again teamed up to offer a one day polished concrete and coatings training at the STI facility in Morris, IL. The last polished concrete contractor Tech Training Day was a tremendous success and we felt it was time to introduce all new polishing equipment, coatings products and polished concrete processes that we’ve developed.

When: Wednesday, March 16th, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Where: STI 1384 Bungalow Rd, Morris, IL 60450

Who Should Attend: Distributors, Concrete Coatings Installers, FGS PERMASHINE Polished Concrete Contractors, Architects and Specifiers

There is no cost for the seminar. Lunch is included.

STI polished concrete experts will demonstrate the new STI Prepmaster Remote control and ride-on machines as well as the new edge plates, which virtually eliminate the need for hand grinding and pinhole grouting. The latest polishable overlay system DURAFLOOR HP Bright White will be installed, grouted and polished.

LATICRETE concrete experts will demo the latest crack repair methods using SPARTACOTE® FAST FIX™ concrete repair material and DRYTEK™ Moisture Vapor Barrier, a moisture mitigating, 100% solids epoxy primer now shipping with pigmented colors. And finally, LATICRETE concrete experts will demo SPARTACOTE® Metallic coatings for commercial and residential markets.

Email Bill Butler at to sign up for the LATICRETE STI training today.

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[PDF Download.] Consumer’s Guide to Garage Concrete Coatings

Click here to download the Consumer’s Guide to Residential Garage Concrete Coatings PDF

What are concrete coatings?
Concrete coatings are seamless, extremely durable, decorative flooring systems. Concrete Coating formulations are epoxy, polyaspartic, polyurethane, and others, each one having its own pros and cons.

SPARTACOTE® concrete coatings systems are available in both polyaspartic and epoxy formulations that work well together or separately.

Can I customize these garage coatings?
Yes. SPARTACOTE® concrete coatings are highly customizable. You can pick your favorite colors and textures, and make these systems complement your garage or other residential spaces. Some SPARTACOTE® coatings, such as Metallics, are one-of-a-kind works of art.

How long does a garage concrete coating installation take?
SPARTACOTE® concrete coatings require a concrete surface profile (CSP) of 2. This CSP rating requires a concrete grinder to profile the floor surface in order to apply the SPARTACOTE® coating system properly, which is one of the reasons why SPARTACOTE® coatings are for professional use only. This surface prep typically takes a few hours depending upon the size of the area.

From there, the coatings applicator will apply your chosen coatings system, which can take several hours for a typical 300 sq ft garage. The actual SPARTACOTE® coatings application is typically done in one day. Please contact your local, trained SPARTACOTE® coatings applicator for a project schedule and estimate.

To view a SPARTACOTE® residential garage concrete coating installation, watch the video below:

How to install SPARTACOTE Garage Coating Systems for Concrete in Residential Spaces from Jeff Bonkiewicz on Vimeo.

Does the coatings material smell during installation?
Concrete coatings can smell during installation depending upon which system you select. The higher the solids content, the less smell there is at installation. If you wish to minimize smell, make sure […]

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International concrete contractors and distributors trained on SPARTACOTE® concrete coatings & polished concrete at Natural Stone Solutions

MIAMI, FL – Alex de Quesada, President of Natural Stone Solutions (NSS), hosted a recent training on SPARTACOTE® concrete coating systems and polished concrete at his facility located in Miami, FL. Alejandro Luna, LATICRETE technical sales rep in the South Florida Atlantic region and Wayne Hoerning, LATICRETE regional sales manager of the Caribbean, both were co-hosts with Alex.

Alejandro led the group contractor training in SPARTACOTE® concrete coatings systems, demonstrating the Chip, Quartz, Guard (solid color), VIVID DYE concrete stain and Metallic systems. He did an excellent job thoroughly explaining each SPARTACOTE® system in both English and Spanish while he applied the coating, often doing all of the work himself. Furthermore, he ensured that each training participant’s questions were answered before moving onto the next segment.

When Alejandro wasn’t doing the SPARTACOTE® coatings training, he was helping Alex from NSS show their own line of polished concrete equipment, called Stonecrete. The team had poured and placed L&M DURAFLOOR HP, a polishable overlay, on Tuesday, which set it up for polishing on Wednesday. Alex led the international concrete contractor group through the diamond chain, beginning the polishing process with 40 grit metal bond diamonds all the way through the 3000 grit finish. After the 400 grit resin bond diamonds, they dyed the cementitious overlay with L&M VIVID DYE terra cotta and locked in the color with L&M LION HARD densifier.

Alejandro was enthusiastic about the International group training. He states, “It is great to see the buzz we are creating with SPD and how many decided to make the trip from Latin America and the Caribbean just before the holidays on such short notice. These trainings are usually planned several months in advance but we […]

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