The Clinical Plus product offers silver ion antimicrobial technology to mitigate harmful bacteria and odors such as pet urine. It acts as an added layer of protection within a Spartacote concrete coating system for prepared surfaces. These systems offer dog kennel owners customizable colors and textures, fast return to service and a 3 year warranty.

SPARTACOTE® PURE Clinical Plus™ is tested, vetted and proven in environments where cleanliness is a top priority, such as hospitals, clinics, animal shelters, veterinary facilities, pharmaceutical production areas, bathrooms, locker rooms, and food production.

Available in clear gloss and pigmented finishes, the material is applied in single or multiple coats to prepared concrete by broom, roller or squeegee. SPARTACOTE® PURE Clinical Plus™ is an optimal coating solution offering highly durable, safe, customizable, high traction properties with rapid return to service.

Collins Concrete Coatings out of Ashburn, VA, recently applied the SPARTACOTE Clinical Plus coating in a dog kennel in Leesburg, VA. This coating system included a base medium gray coat. It was then top coated with the Clinical Plus clear, giving the floor excellent abrasion resistance, easy to clean properties, and silver ion antimicrobial technology. Total square footage in this project is approximately 1,200.

Check out the photos below to see the before and after of the dog kennel.

To find out how SPARTACOTE Clinical Plus can help your facility’s cleanliness, contact us today at 203-393-0010 or

Thank you to Collins Concrete Coatings for this excellent project profile.

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