AUSTIN, TX – The Frank Erwin Center – University of Texas

The Frank Erwin Center is home to The University of Texas Men’s and Women’s basketball team and hosts numerous professional entertainers, including musicians, the circus, professional wrestling, and even monster truck exhibitions.

A 6,500 sq ft, cavernous ramp tunnel walkway sits within the Erwin Center, spanning from the large dock area to the main floor. This pathway is the only gateway to the main floor space within the hall. The sheer volume of traffic this pathway takes on is extraordinary: the UT basketball team, visiting basketball teams, entertainers like George Strait, Dolly Parton, Adel, their supporting staff and crews, and even the circus elephants. Furthermore, this area holds two full-size 18- wheelers that are unloaded with forklift trucks running up and down the ramp, putting the floor space through regular abrasion and impact.

In 2015, Austin-based Intertech Flooring was asked to help find a resinous coating that could be used to dress up the ramp area concrete. In looking for products, Intertech found a coating designed for parking garages. Intertech assumed, as it held up well in a parking garage environment, it could take the abuse given by the large trucks and traveling road crews. The floor owners selected a medium gray color.

The Intertech crew applied the coating and received the first call within a week asking how to clean the floor. Just days after the crew installed the new coating, the Erwin Center hosted a rock show. The road crews used forklifts to unload their 18-wheelers and ran them up and down the newly coated ramp area with heavy equipment loads.

PROBLEM: Black Tire Marks left at the Erwin Center tunnel walkway

The forklifts left an […]