Braman BMW in Miami, Florida, is a high volume exotic car dealer. With multiple locations, the depth and breadth of their exotic car products and supporting services is vast.

Braman management encountered a problem with their old epoxy floor on the second floor parking garage area. This is the space where all BMWs are washed prior to being sold. The second floor on the parking structure developed issues leaking into the first floor. Seeing this, they knew they needed to take fast action to resolve it.

Nu-Crete Surgeons of Florida came to the car dealership’s rescue. They removed the existing epoxy floor, waterproofed, and put a highly durable SPARTACOTE® Quartz™ concrete coating on top of it. The colored quartz aggregates are layered between SPARTACOTE FLEX coatings to create an attractive textured floor perfect for this high-end car dealership. The concrete surface prep took some time, about 7 days to get it removed and waterproofed, but the SPARTACOTE concrete coating was installed in just 1 day.

The General Manager said this carwash area generates $160k / day – so LATICRETE SPARTACOTE® coatings products turned what would have been a 4 day epoxy quartz installation, plus a 2 day cure, into just a 1 day SPARTACOTE® Quartz™ installation with next day return to service.

This saved Braman BMW approximately $800,000 in car service bay downtime!

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