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SPARTACOTE® concrete coatings featured in ‘Dallas Car Sharks’ TV show on Velocity network

SPARTACOTE® Guard concrete coatings are featured in the Dallas Car Sharks television program on the Velocity network. The Dallas Car Sharks show is about a busy auto auction, the Lone Star Auto Auction, where market participants come together to bid on cars. Over 400+ cars go over the customized SPARTACOTE® Flex Guard coating system every day, turning wheels and testing the resinous floor.

For such a busy retail space, facility downtime means lost revenue. The auto auction floor owners need maximum uptime, highly durable and easy to clean flooring. SPARTACOTE® Guard concrete coatings give them these benefits, along with the custom aesthetics required to complement their interior facility of approximately 8,400 ft.²

Check out the SPARTACOTE® FLEX GUARD coating system featured in Dallas Car Sharks:

Check out Dallas Car Sharks on Velocity network.

By Jeff Bonkiewicz|December 10th, 2015|Blog, News, Polyaspartic

Customized, High Traction Concrete Coating Systems for Car Dealerships and Service Bay Areas

Car dealership and auto service bay flooring have specific challenges when it comes to repair. Car dealerships and large retail spaces cannot afford to have much facility downtime. While most important to the car dealer is keeping the service bay doors open for auto service, a safe, high traction floor with custom colors are also high on the priority list. Despite other flooring solutions offering the aesthetic qualities required in a busy car dealership, they lack in rapid floor repair service turnaround time, chemical resistance and durable finish qualities.

SPARTACOTE® coating systems for prepared concrete surfaces offer solutions to these demanding facility environments, like those found in car dealerships. These coating systems have several advantages, including rapid return to service, high traction flooring, various colors and textures, and excellent protection against abrasion, impact and chemicals.

Large facility auto and retail spaces are no issue for experienced SPARTACOTE® coatings contractors well versed in these applications. They’re used to these demanding environments where a fast turnaround time and returning the floor to service ASAP is essential, like in car dealerships and service bays. Busy, high traffic, commercial floors can typically be returned to service within one day with a four person crew. (The coatings contractor estimates the project schedule on a case-by-case basis.)

Additionally in these demanding environments, the final finish needs to be durable, able to withstand heavy car and foot traffic while remaining high-traction at all times. Furthermore, the floor finish in car dealerships and service bays needs to handle surface contaminants effectively, such as gasoline, motor oil, de-icing salts, and other harsh chemicals. SPARTACOTE® floor coating systems offer this protection and stand up well to various accidental spills.

The photos show SPARTACOTE® coating […]

By Jeff Bonkiewicz|November 4th, 2015|Blog, News, Polyaspartic