SPARTACOTE customized coating systems make excellent systems for parking structures and vehicle traffic areas. Our coating system experts recommend the SPARTACOTE quartz coating system, the extremely tough and durable coating capable of easily withstanding heavy vehicle traffic.

You will find SPARTACOTE quartz coating systems in dozens of spaces throughout the U.S., including Enterprise Exotic Rental car locations at LAX, LAS, and ATL, at various Hertz rental locations, private parking structures, and more. You will also find SPARTACOTE quartz installed on exterior ramps, such as at the LATICRETE Corona, CA, plant.

Furthermore, SPARTACOTE coating systems work very well when applied in car dealership service bay areas. We’ve had successful installations in mechanic working areas in Nissan dealerships, auto service bays, and in shop floor spaces. Car dealership owners and managers love the fast return to service SPARTACOTE coating systems offer for quick weekend—or even one day—turnaround. They can be prepped, coated, and returned to service by Monday morning.

Click here to download the SPARTACOTE Quartz concrete coating system PDF.

SPARTACOTE Quartz concrete coatings offer parking structure owners:

-Fast return to service
-Customizable colors and textures
-Excellent impact and abrasion resistance
-Exceptional chemical resistance
-Safe, nonslip textures
-Interior or exterior use
-No hot tire pick-up
-3 year decorative surface system warranty

Watch us apply the highly durable SPARTACOTE Quartz concrete coating system to exterior ramps at the LATICRETE Corona, CA, plant. Click on the video below:

How To Install Spartacote Quartz Pure Concrete Coatings on Exterior Ramps in Corona, CA from Jeff Bonkiewicz on Vimeo.