The 2017 World of Concrete is right around the corner in Las Vegas, and LATICRETE concrete experts are hard at work preparing live demos for you. These are not your normal product demos found in your standard trade show.

Our Concrete Experts will be performing live, indoor demos of our concrete products designed to solve the problems you encounter in the field each day. These demos will be instructional, engaging, and informative, designed to give you the tools and confidence to immediately take back to the field with you.

At 10 AM on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of the show week, we will be doing live demos in our indoor booth every 90 minutes. Here is the LATICRETE indoor demo schedule for the 2017 World of Concrete:

High strength toppings for concrete surfaces found in extreme abrasion and impact environments

Concrete industry veteran, Bill Butler, will discuss high strength toppings for concrete surfaces found in extreme abrasion and impact environments, such as waste transfer stations, recycling centers, and tipping floors. These are the most caustic, abrasive, and abusive environments for concrete found on the planet.

To combat these contaminants, LATICRETE offers EMERYTOP 400, a high strength topping made of emery, one of the hardest minerals on earth. Bill will discuss the topping, its strengths, its placement properties, various successful projects around the U.S., and demo the product being mixed and placed.

Moisture Mitigation in Concrete

Decorative concrete industry veteran and LATICRETE west coast regional sales manager, Troy Wicks, will discuss moisture in concrete. All people who work with concrete encounter excess moisture on a near daily basis. What actions do they take when they see it? How do they measure it? What are the right products for […]