Did you know that SPARTACOTE Commercial Concrete Coating systems for exterior concrete can be installed in cold, winter weather?

The SPARTACOTE Flex SB family of products can be installed when outside air temperatures are between 0 F and 32 F, perfect for indoor or outdoor winter concrete coatings installations. The re-coat time averages 90 minutes and the four-coat commercial / industrial traffic grade coating system can be applied in similar circumstances outdoors, allowing return to service before the facility opens the next day.

Remodeling commercial businesses must stay on schedule independent of the weather. Contractors typically struggle to install concrete coatings during cold weather. SPARTACOTE solves that problem with coatings products that can be applied in low temperatures both indoors and outdoors.

This temperature during this installation does not push the -30 F that the system will perform. Chemical deicing agents, such as SnowJoe or FreezeGuard, may be used for exterior concrete surfaces 24 hours after installation.

The benefits of the high performance SPARTACOTE Flex SB commercial concrete coatings include:
◦ Fast return to service with a two hour walk-on and 24 hour drive-on window
◦ Limited weather impact on commercial remodeling that requires fast-track scheduling
◦ Interior or Exterior application
◦ No loss of product capabilities or performance
◦ Less budget stress for winter conditions and contractor schedules
◦ No degradation of color or appearance due to cold weather
◦ 3 year decorative surface warranty

Related concrete coatings applications include:
• Any concrete coating that is installed in cold weather
• Exterior concrete such as entrances, sidewalks, patios, dumpster pads, ramps, and drive-on areas
• Freezers and coolers that remain at cold temperature

Submitted by
Vince Putkowski
Maverick Contracting
114 Lewellyn Rd
Morgantown, WV 26508