Antimicrobial concrete coatings for operating rooms and hospital hallways

Did you know that SPARTACOTE Flex PURE Clinical Plus concrete coatings offer fast curing, very low odor installation equipped with Antimicrobial technology, making them the perfect coating systems for hospital operating rooms, hallways, and bathrooms? The silver ion technology within the coating acts as a microbial mitigating agent, giving you excellent protection against common, everyday contaminants.

SPARTACOTE Flex PURE coating systems also go vertical, giving floor owners a seamless cove base where the horizontal surface meets the vertical one. These ensure no microbial penetration into your flooring system and give you excellent floor uptime, low maintenance, and easy to clean properties.

How high can SPARTACOTE go in vertical applications?

It depends upon the system you select and the substrate you’re adhering to. Check with your LATICRETE resinous coating systems expert to find out. To find one near you, call 203-393-0010.

Available in dozens of colors and textures, SPARTACOTE coating systems are easy to customize to your facility’s needs. Custom colors are available upon request. SPARTACOTE Flex PURE Chip floors are the most commonly installed coating systems in operating rooms and hallways. However, other systems, such as our SPARTACOTE Flex PURE Quartz, are also available for installation. See below:

SPARTACOTE coating systems are not standard grade epoxy coatings. SPARTACOTE offers rapid cure and fast return to service floors, typically done in about one day depending upon floor size and project schedule. Additionally, these high performance coating systems are up to 3x more abrasion resistant than standard grade epoxies, making them far more durable and long lasting. Finally, SPARTACOTE technology within the coating makes it UV-stable, ensuring no fade due to sunlight. For exterior systems, this is […]