SPARTACOTE® FLEX PURE™ Concrete Coatings


US Patents: 6,833,424 & 7,169,876

SPARTACOTE® FLEX PURE™ is an ultra high solids, two-part polyaspartic aliphatic polyurea sealer/finish concrete coating for protective flooring applications. This very low VOC product emits minimal application odor, making it ideal for indoor applications. Available in clear gloss and pigmented, the material is applied in single or multiple coats by broom, roller or squeegee.

SPARTACOTE® FLEX PURE™ is an optimal coating solution for institutional facilities, hospitals, schools, government and any other project requiring a highly durable, very low VOC, near odorless coating with rapid return to service capabilities. For more information regarding specific systems or to discuss your next project, please contact us today.

Features and Benefits

  • Green-friendly, very low VOC
  • LEED eligible material
  • One-Day installation with next-day return to service
  • Excellent impact and wear resistance
  • Good chemical & stain resistance
  • SPARTACOTE Grip™ micro-media agents can be introduced for added traction
  • No hot-tire pickup
  • UV Resistant
  • Low Temp CURE (35º Min)

  • Ideal for use in hospital, institutional or educational applications requiring near odor-free and very low VOC installation
  • Durable top-coat finish suitable for heavy foot-traffic commercial applications
  • LEED eligible formulation may contribute to LEED material credits
  • Multi-coat high traffic commercial and industrial solid color or seamless chip/quartz concrete flooring systems
  • Decorative metallic & concrete dye applications


  • 10-Gallon Kit (5-gal pails)
  • 2-Gallon Boxed Kit


  • 10-Gallon Kit (pre-pigmented or pigment base with tint pack)
  • 2-gallon Boxed kit with tint pack

Material Properties
Type: Polyaspartic Aliphatic Polyurea
Percent Solids by Weight: 95%
Viscosity:  part A: 1200 cps     part B: 364 cps
Shelf Life: 12 months
Pot Life: 18-20
Light Foot Traffic: 2 hours
Heavy-Traffic: 24 hours
Full Chemical Cure: 10-days
Minimum re-coat: 2-hour
Maximum re-coat: 36 hours
Mixing Ratio: 1:1 by volume
Recommended Thickness: 8 mils DFT
Min. Application Temp: 35º F