SPARTACOTE® Polyaspartic Pigments


SPARTACOTE® Polyaspartic Pigments are designed to be used exclusively with SPARTACOTE® SB, SPARTACOTE® XT™ and SPARTACOTE® PURE™ polyaspartic concrete coatings. Available in 14 standard colors, these materials are manufactured through a proprietary process in which raw pigments are ground and subsequently combined with the highest quality polyaspartic resins available. Once ready for use, these concentrated pigments are dispersed directly into short-filled part A pigment base. For more information regarding specific systems or to discuss your next project, please contact us today.

Features and Benefits

  • 14 standard colors including safety colors
  • UV Stable; suitable for exterior applications
  • Excellent color hide
  • Superior color retention
  • Easy to use on-site color dispersion

    • Ideal for use in hospital, institutional or educational applications requiring very low odor and very low VOC installation
    • Durable top-coat finish suitable for heavy foot-traffic commercial applications
    • LEED eligible formulation may contribute to LEED material credits
    • Multi-coat high traffic commercial and industrial solid color or seamless chip/quartz concrete flooring systems
    • Decorative metallic & concrete dye applications


    • 1 Qt plastic container (for use with 1-gallon packaging)
    • 1.25 gal unit (for use with 5-gallon packaging)
    • Pre-dispersed

    *Note: SPARTACOTE® coatings only: Safety Yellow, Safety Red and White colors are all sold in pre-dispersed 2-gallon kits. 1-qt SPARTACOTE® Polyaspartic Pigments in these colors may be used with SPARTACOTE® XT™ and SPARTACOTE® PURE™ coatings.

    Material Properties
    Type: Aspartic Ester Based Pigment
    Percent Solids by Weight: 99%
    Shelf Life: 12 months
    Mixing Ratio: 1 part Pigment to 3 Parts Part A Pigment base
    Mixing Instructions Mix full contents of pigment pack into part A for a
    minimum of 2 minutes with slow speed paddle mixer