Metallic Pigment Coating System for Concrete

Metallic Pigment coating system for concrete

Metallic Pigments

SPARTACOTE Metallic Pigments use synthetically produced aluminum platelets coated with metal oxides to produce beautiful color intensity and luster. Designed to be added directly into SPARTACOTE® SB and SPARTACOTE® PURE™ concrete coating systems, these materials may be applied using a variety of methods depending on the desired final appearance. These Metallic flooring systems provide interior designers with the ability to customize finishes in a number of ways, allowing for a truly unique flooring system to compliment any commercial environment.

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Features and Benefits for Resinous Metallic Flooring

  • Provides incredible depth and radiance
  • High reflectivity
  • UV stable
  • Unique decorative appearance
  • Suitable for many environments, especially retail showrooms
  • Easy field blending & application
  • Unlimited application potential

  • Decorative flooring for retail showrooms
  • Residential flooring
  • Product may be manipulated to offer a fish-eye effect
  • Unique finish may be coordinated with virtually any color scheme or design theme

  • 8 oz. bottle
  • 32 oz bottle

Material Properties
Type: Fine Aluminum Powder
Dilution: 8 oz per mixed gallon
Coverage: 100 sq ft per  mixed gallon