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    SPARTACOTE custom concrete coatings are perfect for new construction commercial car service bays and safety line striping

SPARTACOTE custom concrete coatings are perfect for new construction commercial car service bays and safety line striping

Moosic, PA—Minnooka Subaru is a busy car dealership that recently expanded its service bays to include a new 8,100 sq ft space. This large area is designed to be the drive-thru commercial garage where customers pull in their vehicles for inspection and drop-off. Like any car dealership, high uptime and fast return to service on construction work is of paramount importance to the Subaru dealer’s owner, and this new space was no exception.

New construction Subaru service bay and drive-thru areas.
SPARTACOTE coating systems, the resinous flooring product line manufactured by LATICRETE International, was selected as the go-to flooring product for its fast return to service, its safe, nonslip characteristics, and its customizable colors and textures.

New concrete mechanically profiled to an ICRI CSP 2.
The installers first prepared the existing surface to an ICRI CSP 2 by mechanical profile. This step ensures all surface contaminants are removed. The installers then taped off the walkways. Next, they applied Subaru blue for the primer coat. Following the first coat, they applied a second coat of Subaru blue and then followed that with a 50% broadcast of the Midnight Blue chips into the Subaru blue primer coats with a chip hopper gun. They then allowed the materials to cure. Next, they taped down outlines for the safety yellow line striping. The installers used SPARTACOTE Flex SB clear to lock in the color. Then, they applied three SPARTACOTE Flex SB Safety Yellow coats. Immediately thereafter, they pulled the blue tape to delineate the line striping.

Taping off the Safety Yellow Line striping.

The next day, the installers began by taping off the outside of the safety yellow line striping to protect it from the day’s work. They put down protective plastic to cover […]

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Maverick Contracting Coatings Crew Gives My Dive Shop SCUBA retailer the ‘Ocean Feel’ and diving desire

Morgantown, WV – Maverick Contracting located in Morgantown, West Virginia, installed an ocean blue SPARTACOTE Metallic floor for a retail SCUBA diving shop using HP Spartacote cobalt blue metallic additive. This diving shop, called My Dive Shop, offers PADI SCUBA diving certification classes, Emergency First Responder training, and offers products by dozens of SCUBA gear manufacturers. Owned by Melody Metz and Daniel Langdon, both owners share a passion for SCUBA. In their quest for a local shop to fill their air tanks, they realized there were not any near them. They then took this as a sign to take a leap and follow their collective passion. Today, My Dive Shop is devoted to giving its clients the thrilling experience the underwater world has to offer.

Looking for something unique to replicate the look and feel of the ocean, Daniel reached out to local SPARTACOTE coatings experts at Maverick Contracting. Vince Putkowski of Maverick Contracting worked with Langdon in designing the concrete coating application. The dive shop was moving to a new larger location and wanted to provide customers with a “WOW!” feeling. Dan considered many options of wall coverings, ceiling tiles, flooring and finally realized the blue ocean, 3-D like effect would provide a super bang for his investment. As Dan explains, “it’s what people look at the most. Now, they are looking at the water and thinking about scuba diving”.

Langdon continues, “This is an example of using the retail concrete floor to remind customers of the ocean while purchasing diving lessons, fins, wet suits, and related products. The beautiful blue waters enhance the buying experience.”

The project was completed in two days, including concrete surface prep.

My Dive Shop’s collective customer reaction is […]

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SPARTACOTE High Performance Concrete Coatings for Residential Garages [PDF Download + How To video included.]

Your garage is a special place. It houses your cars, your tools, and
other possessions important to you. It also functions as a personalized
gathering space for people to build community and camaraderie.

The garage concrete floor is a space easily customized to your particular
preferences, showing all who enter what’s unique about you.

SPARTACOTE Resinous Flooring Systems for Residential Garages

SPARTACOTE™ concrete coating systems for residential garage floors offer owners high end, custom, and personalized flooring solutions. Further,
these resinous systems give your garage floor superior protection,
excellent abrasion and chemical resistance and fast return to service,
typically applied in one day.

SPARTACOTE™ CHIP is our most popular concrete coating system for residential garage floor owners. SPARTACOTE™ CHIP offers floor owners fast installation, customizable colors and textures, safe, nonslip characteristics, 3x the abrasion resistance of traditional epoxy floors, and a 3 year decorative system warranty. SPARTACOTE™ CHIP, like all SPARTACOTE coating systems, offers logo installation as well. So, you can apply your favorite team’s logo to your garage floor, giving it a personalized, custom look and feel.

To download the SPARTACOTE High Performance concrete coatings for residential garages PDF, click here.

Additionally, SPARTACOTE is available in a very low VOC and low odor qualities. So, if you’re concerned about strong solvent odors at installation time, you need not be. SPARTACOTE also gets applied in schools, restaurants, and even hospital operating rooms where safety, security, and health of occupants are top priorities. This is a fast cure formulation as well, with typical installation performed in one day (subject to project size and existing slab conditions).

To watch SPARTACOTE FLEX PURE concrete coating be applied in a residential garage floor, click on the video below:

It is important to note: SPARTACOTE coating systems are not […]

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SPARTACOTE Flex PURE Clinical Plus – a concrete coating with silver ion antimicrobial technology working to mitigate microbial growth from the surface

SPARTACOTE Flex PURE Clinical Plus – a concrete coating with silver ion antimicrobial technology working to mitigate microbial growth from the surface

Do you have an environment where cleanliness is a top priority? Do you have a demanding space where microbials and bacteria must be mitigated? How about one where safe, nonslip characteristics are also non-negotiable? You can have these features and more with SPARTACOTE Flex PURE Clinical Plus, a specialized concrete coating for high uptime and difficult, demanding applications, such as hospital operating rooms and hallways, bathrooms, locker rooms, and production areas where microbials must be mitigated.

To watch the Clinical Plus silver ion antimicrobial concrete coating be applied, please click on the video below:

SPARTACOTE Flex PURE Clinical Plus gives floor owners:
-Fast return to service, often applied in one day
-Customizable coatings equipped with silver ion antimicrobial technology
-Personalized colors and textures
-Very low VOC and low odor at installation
-Excellent impact, abrasion, and chemical resistance
-Safe, nonslip characteristics
– Meets FDA/CFSAN U.S. Food Code physical facilities criteria as outlined in 6.100.11 Surface Characteristics USDA acceptable.
-3 year decorative surface system warranty

Environments where SPARTACOTE FLEX PURE Clinical Plus concrete coatings fit best are:
-Hospital operating rooms and hallways
-Locker rooms
-Production areas where cleanliness is a top priority
-Dairy areas
-Veterinary facilities
-Doggie day cares
-Pharmaceutical environments

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SPARTACOTE Concrete Coatings Proven Installation Systems for Car Dealerships and Showrooms [PDF download included.]

Did you know that SPARTACOTE concrete coating systems offer benefits that are perfect for car dealership and automotive retail facilities?

Expert coating installers apply SPARTACOTE in car dealerships throughout the U.S. in a wide range of applications. These specialized concrete coating systems give floor owners and facility managers the high traction, customizable colors and textures and fast return to service they require in order to maximize facility uptime. These busy retail environments cannot afford to be down and out of service, for downtime means lost sales revenue. Therefore, they trust their facility’s spaces to SPARTACOTE coatings and their trained applicators to get them back, up and running as soon as possible.

Click here to download SPARTACOTE Concrete Coatings proven installation systems for Car Dealerships and Showrooms PDF.

SPARTACOTE Concrete Coating systems offer Car Dealerships and Showroom owners:
-Fast Installation with minimal downtime (usually returned over a weekend)
-Customizable colors and textures
-No hot tire pick-up
-Safe, nonslip characteristics
-Excellent chemical and stain resistance
-Easy to clean surfaces
-Durable, long lasting flooring
-3 year decorative surface warranties

Click here to download the Lonestar Auto Auction project spotlight.

Where can SPARTACOTE be applied in car dealerships and automotive facilities?

You can apply SPARTACOTE concrete coatings in:
-Car service areas
-Commercial and residential garages
-Automotive showrooms
-Customer waiting rooms
-Break rooms

Specific SPARTACOTE coatings systems for car dealerships include SPARTACOTE Guard, the solid color coating system with SPARTACOTE GRIP traction additive for improved nonslip coefficients. While SPARTACOTE GUARD comes in single solid colors, it can be top coated with other colors and textures, to customize your floor’s look and feel to your specific automotive facility. SPARTACOTE resinous flooring systems even accept logos on vinyl print that, after application, accept a clear SPARTACOTE top coat. Customize your car showroom […]

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Did you know that SPARTACOTE Stain concrete coating systems offer a polished concrete look and feel for architectural colors with minimal downtime?

Did you know that SPARTACOTE Stain concrete coating systems offer a polished concrete look and feel for architectural colors with minimal downtime?

Specialized SPARTACOTE concrete coating systems offer beautiful, customized architectural color options for prepared surfaces. These systems look just like polished concrete, only they save floor owners and installers significant amounts of installation time. Further, these SPARTACOTE STAIN coatings offer floor owners excellent abrasion & impact resistance, excellent chemical & stain resistance, and easy to clean properties.

Concrete Surface Profile for SPARTACOTE Coatings Systems

Let’s talk typical installation of the SPARTACOTE STAIN coating system. Prepare the concrete by mechanical profile to an ICRI CSP 2. The roughened surface should resemble 80 to 100 grit sandpaper. Using a surface prep machine ensures that all surface contaminants are removed from the area, including mastics, glue, laitance, and other bond breaking agents.

After surface prep is complete, apply L&M VIVID DYE to the surface using a dye sprayer. Note that these concrete dyes may be mixed with acetone or water at the jobsite. Acetone flashes off faster than water, but installers have to deal with the smell. Installers must use their best judgment when selecting dye mixing agents.

L&M VIVID DYE for Concrete Coating systems

Apply mixed L&M VIVID DYE to the prepared surface at approximately 400 sq ft per gallon. Carefully remove any puddling of the dye from the surface using a clean cloth. Allow the dye to cure, typically around one to two hours. The surface will need to be 100% dry before applying the SPARTACOTE top coat.

Click here to download the Application Guide for SPARTACOTE STAIN concrete coating installation procedures PDF.

L&M VIVID DYE offers floor owners and installers:
-Extensive selection of vivid colors
-Fast […]

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Why SPARTACOTE is the solution to difficulties in aviation hangar flooring system designs and in airplane mechanical areas

Why SPARTACOTE is the solution to difficulties in aviation hangar flooring system designs and in airplane mechanical areas – problems encountered and their potential solutions

Aviation and aircraft hangar flooring is a difficult environment when it comes to flooring. Regular concrete cracks and spalls in it. Also, plain old concrete excessively stains when it is subjected to oil spills and hydraulic fluids found in this environment. Untreated concrete floors also are very difficult to clean and to keep clean, which makes them unattractive options for aviation hangar spaces.

Are traditional epoxy floor coatings good solutions for aviation hangars and mechanical areas?

Some aviators and hangar facility managers turn to traditional concrete coating options, like epoxy floors. While epoxy floors look nice and are customizable, they are not without their drawbacks. Epoxy floors are multi-day installations, depending upon the project size. They typically need around 6 to 8 hours’ cure time between coats, causing the facility to be down and out of service the entire time. The aviation industry cannot afford to have their airplanes stored outside in the random weather elements for days while they wait for their new epoxy floor to be completed over a week’s time. Another drawback with epoxy coatings is they brittle over time and are not highly durable. Depending upon environmental and concrete surface prep conditions, epoxy can brittle in as little as 12 months. Epoxy that delaminates in this fashion makes for upset facility managers and airplane owners. While epoxy coatings are good flooring solutions for small spaces, they are not great solutions for larger square feet areas, such as aircraft hangars.

How about polished concrete? Is it a good flooring solution for aviation hangars and mechanical areas?

Polished concrete is […]

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SPARTACOTE concrete coatings chemical resistance guide and comparison of epoxy vs. polyurethane vs. polyaspartic coatings [PDF comparison chart included.]

SPARTACOTE Concrete Coatings & Resinous Flooring Chemical Resistance

LATICRETE concrete coatings experts are often asked about how well SPARTACOTE holds up to various household and commercial chemicals when spills occur on the floor. SPARTACOTE concrete coatings have earned an excellent reputation for resisting many different kinds of chemicals, from gasoline to motor oil to Vinegar to antifreeze. SPARTACOTE custom concrete coatings are even excellent flooring solutions for aviation hangars because of their resistance to SkyDrol B, the hydraulic fluid found in airplanes that commonly leaks onto hangar floors, causing stains. Epoxy coatings, on the other hand, do not hold up nearly as well as to caustic chemicals as SPARTACOTE does when compared.

Click here to download the SPARTACOTE concrete coatings Chemical Resistance and cured coatings comparison between epoxy vs polyurethane vs SPARTACOTE in PDF

Cured Floor Concrete Coatings Comparison between epoxy vs. polyurethane vs. SPARTACOTE technologies

We’ve tested SPARTACOTE concrete coatings in several applicable ASTM tests performed by independent labs. SPARTACOTE wins favorably in nearly all testing categories important and pertinent to resinous flooring:

-In Abrasion Resistance ASTM D-4060, SPARTACOTE shows triple the abrasion resistance vs. epoxy.

-In Falling Sand abrasion testing ASTM D-968, SPARTACOTE tests at triple the falling sand abrasion resistance vs. epoxy.

-In Adhesion Pull Testing ASTM D-4541, SPARTACOTE resulted in twice the adhesion to steel.

-In Tensile Strength Testing ASTM-D638, SPARTACOTE equaled epoxy.

-In Impact Direct / Reverse Testing ASTM D-2794, SPARTACOTE had a 40 to 50% reduction vs. epoxy.

-In Flexibility 1/8″ Mandrel testing ASTM D-455, SPARTACOTE resulted in a 50% greater flexibility and Chip reduction.

-In color and gloss retention (SSPC Paint Specification No. 36) in testing 48 months in South Florida heat and sunshine, SPARTACOTE experienced twice the color and gloss […]

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Where else do SPARTACOTE concrete coatings go inside residential homes aside from the garage?

Did you know that SPARTACOTE concrete coatings have other applications within your home aside from just the garage?

SPARTACOTE resinous floor coatings are successfully installed in residential basements, hallways, walkways, man caves, trophy rooms, showrooms, storage areas, mud rooms, and even bathrooms.

On location in the middle of North Carolina, Global Resinous Flooring Product Manager, Ben Grier, explains the process of installing SPARTACOTE FLEX PURE™ Chip system for residential garages:

We performed surface prep to a CSP 2, which is about 40 to 50 grit sandpaper texture. We put down the pigmented base coat SPARTACOTE FLEX PURE™ light grey at 200 sq ft per gallon. We then broadcast the chip media directly into that light grey coating.

We waited about an hour and then blew off the excess chip media with a leaf blower.

We then scooped it up and retained the excess chip for a future project.

Next, we scraped the chip with sharp floor scrapers in three opposing directions to ensure it is smooth and ready for a SPARTACOTE FLEX PURE™ topcoat. After that, we put down the clear topcoat of PURE material at an application rate of 150 to 200 sq ft per gallon. We applied that with a ribbon of material, swept-in with a SPARTACOTE Broom, and then followed that up with a double, perpendicular back-roll. In this particular instance, we included a 60-grit SPARTACOTE traction additive in the final finish for added slip resistance.

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FAST Concrete Repair with SPARTACOTE FAST FIX by Morgantown Concrete

Professional Concrete and Coatings Contractors run into all kinds of different concrete problems when they’re working in the field. These include pop-outs, pitting, scaling, and spalling. While concrete is a wonderful building material, it is not without its problems. Concrete cracking is so commonplace that expert contractors expect to find them in the field. They plan for them and are never surprised whenever they’re encountered.

While large cracks are not as common as hairline fractures, these can be particularly pernicious to a resinous floor coating if left untreated. As the substrate continues to move—and it does—it takes the floor coating along with it as it expands further. Any floor coating is only as good as its underlying concrete substrate. A weak or unsound concrete surface creates a weak or unsound floor coating, covering or topping.

To complement its polyaspartic and epoxy concrete coatings, SPARTACOTE also offers FAST FIX, a two part, very fast setting hybrid urethane repair material for concrete cracks, spalls, pop-outs, and hairline fractures. Combined with aggregate, FAST FIX can be used for patching spalls and repairing joints and large cracks in concrete. Available in low odor formulations, FAST FIX sets up within ten minutes after mixing, and the exothermic material expands to fill in the repair areas. After approximately 20 minutes, installers can grind off the excess material by mechanical profile, taking the concrete surface to an ICRI CSP 2. This makes for speedy concrete repairs necessary for installers under tight project schedules.

Watch our quick tutorial video on SPARTACOTE FAST FIX:

• Feather edge repairs – no square cutting required
• Very fast prep and minimal downtime
• Meets USDA requirements
• Rapid application & Set Times
• Cold application to -35º F
• Excellent abrasion […]

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