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Where else do SPARTACOTE concrete coatings go inside residential homes aside from the garage?

Did you know that SPARTACOTE concrete coatings have other applications within your home aside from just the garage?

SPARTACOTE resinous floor coatings are successfully installed in residential basements, hallways, walkways, man caves, trophy rooms, showrooms, storage areas, mud rooms, and even bathrooms.

On location in the middle of North Carolina, Global Resinous Flooring Product Manager, Ben Grier, explains the process of installing SPARTACOTE FLEX PURE™ Chip system for residential garages:

We performed surface prep to a CSP 2, which is about 40 to 50 grit sandpaper texture. We put down the pigmented base coat SPARTACOTE FLEX PURE™ light grey at 200 sq ft per gallon. We then broadcast the chip media directly into that light grey coating.

We waited about an hour and then blew off the excess chip media with a leaf blower.

We then scooped it up and retained the excess chip for a future project.

Next, we scraped the chip with sharp floor scrapers in three opposing directions to ensure it is smooth and ready for a SPARTACOTE FLEX PURE™ topcoat. After that, we put down the clear topcoat of PURE material at an application rate of 150 to 200 sq ft per gallon. We applied that with a ribbon of material, swept-in with a SPARTACOTE Broom, and then followed that up with a double, perpendicular back-roll. In this particular instance, we included a 60-grit SPARTACOTE traction additive in the final finish for added slip resistance.

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FAST Concrete Repair with SPARTACOTE FAST FIX by Morgantown Concrete

Professional Concrete and Coatings Contractors run into all kinds of different concrete problems when they’re working in the field. These include pop-outs, pitting, scaling, and spalling. While concrete is a wonderful building material, it is not without its problems. Concrete cracking is so commonplace that expert contractors expect to find them in the field. They plan for them and are never surprised whenever they’re encountered.

While large cracks are not as common as hairline fractures, these can be particularly pernicious to a resinous floor coating if left untreated. As the substrate continues to move—and it does—it takes the floor coating along with it as it expands further. Any floor coating is only as good as its underlying concrete substrate. A weak or unsound concrete surface creates a weak or unsound floor coating, covering or topping.

To complement its polyaspartic and epoxy concrete coatings, SPARTACOTE also offers FAST FIX, a two part, very fast setting hybrid urethane repair material for concrete cracks, spalls, pop-outs, and hairline fractures. Combined with aggregate, FAST FIX can be used for patching spalls and repairing joints and large cracks in concrete. Available in low odor formulations, FAST FIX sets up within ten minutes after mixing, and the exothermic material expands to fill in the repair areas. After approximately 20 minutes, installers can grind off the excess material by mechanical profile, taking the concrete surface to an ICRI CSP 2. This makes for speedy concrete repairs necessary for installers under tight project schedules.

Watch our quick tutorial video on SPARTACOTE FAST FIX:

• Feather edge repairs – no square cutting required
• Very fast prep and minimal downtime
• Meets USDA requirements
• Rapid application & Set Times
• Cold application to -35º F
• Excellent abrasion […]

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SPARTACOTE Resinous Flooring for hospital operating rooms, hallways and more [PDF download included.]

SPARTACOTE concrete coatings systems make for exceptional flooring solutions for demanding institutional environments, such as hospitals, schools, and university settings. These specialized resinous flooring systems offer fast return to service, customizable colors and textures, safe, high traction flooring, and a 3 year decorative system warranty.

Recently, expert SPARTACOTE resinous flooring experts, Kemna Tile, from Dallas, TX, applied SPARTACOTE FLEX PURE CLINICAL PLUS in a new hospital construction project just south of the Metroplex. The project called for applying a custom chip color with two SPARTACOTE FLEX PURE Clinical Plus top coats to three operating room spaces, giving the finished surface excellent impact and abrasion resistance, as well as silver ion, antimicrobial properties on the floor. These qualities last throughout the life of the floor coating.


Project Challenge
Long-time LATICRETE customer, Kemna
Tile, recently expanded its business to
offer the SPARTACOTE™ coating systems
product line to its customers. Barry Kemna,
owner of Kemna Tile, has numerous good
relationships with architects and general
contractors through decades of experience
in tile installation. Kemna often shares his
work with these professionals, walking
past and current jobs together.

An architect from renowned architectural
firm HKS told Kemna that he had a new
construction project where a competitor’s
coating was applied, but the floor owners
and designers were not happy with its
look. They started talking to him about
different aspects of this new construction
project. Kemna invited the architect to his
house to show him his new SPARTACOTE
garage floor. The architect liked what he
saw, and asked whether that would be
a good fit for the hospital work. Kemna
thought it would be a good fit, so long as
they could color match the custom chip the
designers had selected.

As mentioned, a competitor’s resinous
material was already installed, and the
architect was not happy with it. They had
three more […]

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SPARTACOTE Concrete Coating Systems Frequently Asked Questions [PDF download included.]

General Polyaspartic Coating Questions
What types of floor coating systems are available with Polyaspartics?
One of the primary benefits to polyaspartic coatings is the material’s versatility. Standard solid color industrial floor coatings, seamless flake and monolithic quartz flooring systems are commonplace with Polyaspartic coatings. Recently, new decorative concrete floor coating applications such as dye & seal and metallic floor coating systems have been developed with polyaspartic coating technology. Current systems available: SPARTACOTE Quartz, SPARTACOTE Guard, SPARTACOTE Chip, SPARTACOTE Metallic, SPARTACOTE Seal, and SPARTACOTE Dye & Seal. All available in both a solvent based and PURE formula.

Can Polyaspartic Coatings be used outside?
Yes, SPARTACOTE QUARTZ™ & SPARTACOTE GUARD™ systems are rated for exterior use.

What types of environments can Polyaspartic coatings be used?
Generally any type of an environment where a resinous floor coating is called for, a polyaspartic coating system may be used. This includes heavy traffic industrial and commercial flooring as well as residential garage floor concrete coatings.

Polyaspartic Coating vs. Epoxy Coatings

Are Polyaspartic Coatings as durable as Epoxy Coatings?
Yes and then some. Based on empirical testing data, polyaspartic coatings will offer abrasion resistant capabilities that far exceed those of typical epoxy systems.

Can I use a Polyaspartic Coating over an Epoxy Coating?
Yes, Polyaspartic coatings exhibit superior inter-coat adhesion vs. epoxy coatings. For old epoxy floor coatings that are still well adhered to the substrate and free and clear of cracks and any bond breaking residue, an installer can apply a new polyaspartic top-coat over that area. NOTE: This excludes the thin paint type epoxy coatings. The process for doing so includes first mechanically profiling the existing epoxy floor by sanding it. Following that, excess dust is vacuumed up and the area is wiped with an appropriate solvent […]

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Specialized Concrete Coatings for Aviation Hangars and Maintenance Facilities

SPARTACOTE concrete coatings make excellent flooring solutions for aviation hangars and airplane maintenance facilities. SPARTACOTE Guard solid color systems with GRIP traction additive make for excellent concrete coatings for this market.

SPARTACOTE is proven in the aviation market with successful installations at Dulles International Airport, Denver International Airport, and in Oklahoma City’s airport. What these airport authorities and management find wonderful about SPARTACOTE concrete coatings is their fast return to service, excellent chemical and abrasion resistance, and long lasting formulations. They also enjoy the fact that SPARTACOTE offers customizable colors & textures, and safe, high traction flooring. Airplane hangars and maintenance areas cannot afford even short-term shut-down that traditional epoxy systems require (multi-day floor shut-down depending upon facility size).

Click here to download the SPARTACOTE Aviation Hangar sell sheet.

What is required in SPARTACOTE specialized coating installations for aviation hangars and maintenance facilities?

A trained SPARTACOTE coatings system expert will begin with concrete surface prep by mechanical profile, using a grinder to hone and grind away any mastics, glue, laitance, and other surface contaminants that would inhibit the bond to the new SPARTACOTE coating system. After thorough surface prep, the coatings crew will mix and apply the selected SPARTACOTE coating to the aviation maintenance areas. They’ll begin by applying a solid color base coat of material for the SPARTACOTE GUARD system installation. After allowing it to cure for about 90 minutes, they then apply the clear top coat of SPARTACOTE material, typically with SPARTACOTE GRIP traction additive. Depending upon aviation facility size, a trained coatings crew should get the new flooring system complete over a weekend, returning the facility to service on Monday morning. SPARTACOTE makes for high facility up-time and easy floor maintenance. […]

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How to install SPARTACOTE Metallic Coating systems

We’re often asked how to install and apply SPARTACOTE Metallic Concrete Coatings systems. This unique, artistic coating system is actually one of the easier SPARTACOTE systems to install. It consists of a black base primer coat, the Metallic mid-coat, and then a clear SPARTACOTE top coat. Installers may add SPARTACOTE GRIP for additional traction if the floor owners would like.

SPARTACOTE Metallic coating systems are popular in commercial retail environments, showrooms, theaters, entryways, bars, and restaurants.

We recently created this video, showing you how to install SPARTACOTE METALLIC Coating systems. This is the cobalt blue metallic coating. Directions follow the video script.

Prepare the concrete by mechanical profile, using a grinder to achieve a CSP 2.

Once the concrete is prepared, pour the black pigment bottle into Spartacote Flex SB part A. Mix thoroughly for two minutes with a slow speed drill. Once the pigmented material has fully dispersed, mix Part A with Spartacote Flex SB Part B in a separate container. Mix for two minutes with a slow speed drill.

Then, once mixing is complete, apply a ribbon of the black base coat of Spartacote material to the prepared concrete.

Using a Spartacote Broom, broom the material out onto the surface, spreading it evenly. Immediately following the broom, back roll the Spartacote material using a roller. Additional ribbons of material should be poured into the existing ribbons before it runs dry. Always maintain the wet edge.

After the black base coat cures, prepare the Metallic pigment coat.

Take the 8 oz Metallic pigment bottle and pour into 1 Gallon of Spartacote Flex SB part A clear. Mix thoroughly for two minutes.

In a separate container and once the pigmented material has fully dispersed, mix […]

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Collins Concrete Coatings revitalize Georgetown piano bar with SPARTACOTE Metallic coating systems

Collins Concrete Coatings revitalize Georgetown piano bar with SPARTACOTE Metallic coating systems

Sq Ft: 1,300

Old existing substrate: black and white paint over concrete

New SPARTACOTE system: SPARTACOTE Metallic coffee coating & MICA Chip

Collins Concrete Coatings is a seasoned SPARTACOTE installer in the Greater Washington, D.C., area. They serve residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. After completing a residential SPARTACOTE job near D.C., they were called to a Georgetown-area piano bar to provide a concrete surface analysis and bid. After surveying the work and the owners agreeing to the bid, the work began.

The existing substrate was a 60+ year old concrete slab with the usual gouges, pop-outs, pitting and spalling. It was also painted and re-painted black and white throughout the years. There were dozens of previous patches performed as well on the existing surface. Prior owners had applied an oil-based black enamel to the floor to give it a dark sheen for effect. The Collins Team took all these things into consideration for proper surface prep and got to work.

The Collins Team used SPARTACOTE FAST FIX to repair the concrete cracks, spalls, and popouts, patching where needed. After these repairs were complete, they mechanically profiled the existing surface to an ICRI CSP 2 for proper adhesion.

After the surface prep was complete, the Collins Team applied a black primer coat to the surface. They applied SPARTACOTE Flex PURE pigmented black at approximately 200 sq ft / gallon to the prepared surface. They then allowed the base primer coat to cure for about 2 hours. Then, the Collins Team sanded the PURE primer coat with 100 grit screens. From there, they were ready for the Metallic coat.

Odor can be […]

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Antimicrobial concrete coatings for operating rooms and hospital hallways

Antimicrobial concrete coatings for operating rooms and hospital hallways

Did you know that SPARTACOTE Flex PURE Clinical Plus concrete coatings offer fast curing, very low odor installation equipped with Antimicrobial technology, making them the perfect coating systems for hospital operating rooms, hallways, and bathrooms? The silver ion technology within the coating acts as a microbial mitigating agent, giving you excellent protection against common, everyday contaminants.

SPARTACOTE Flex PURE coating systems also go vertical, giving floor owners a seamless cove base where the horizontal surface meets the vertical one. These ensure no microbial penetration into your flooring system and give you excellent floor uptime, low maintenance, and easy to clean properties.

How high can SPARTACOTE go in vertical applications?

It depends upon the system you select and the substrate you’re adhering to. Check with your LATICRETE resinous coating systems expert to find out. To find one near you, call 203-393-0010.

Available in dozens of colors and textures, SPARTACOTE coating systems are easy to customize to your facility’s needs. Custom colors are available upon request. SPARTACOTE Flex PURE Chip floors are the most commonly installed coating systems in operating rooms and hallways. However, other systems, such as our SPARTACOTE Flex PURE Quartz, are also available for installation. See below:

SPARTACOTE coating systems are not standard grade epoxy coatings. SPARTACOTE offers rapid cure and fast return to service floors, typically done in about one day depending upon floor size and project schedule. Additionally, these high performance coating systems are up to 3x more abrasion resistant than standard grade epoxies, making them far more durable and long lasting. Finally, SPARTACOTE technology within the coating makes it UV-stable, ensuring no fade due to sunlight. For exterior systems, this is […]

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  • TMS-Texas-Motor-Speedway-race-car-garages-with-Spartacote-Metallic-Cobalt-Blue-Coatings
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    SPARTACOTE® concrete coating systems give new meaning at Texas Motor Speedway’s race car garages

SPARTACOTE® concrete coating systems give new meaning at Texas Motor Speedway’s race car garages

In this video, you will discover the strength, customization, and fast cure nature of SPARTACOTE coating systems installed at the Texas Motor Speedway located in No Limits, TX. These high performance coating systems are perfect for commercial, residential, and industrial garage floors and large spaces that require safe, durable, and easy to clean properties.

Watch Texas-based Intertech Flooring apply SPARTACOTE medium gray solid colors, cobalt blue Metallic coatings, safety yellow line striping coatings, and logo installation:

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Did you know that SPARTCOTE concrete coating systems make excellent applications for parking structures and vehicle traffic areas?

SPARTACOTE customized coating systems make excellent systems for parking structures and vehicle traffic areas. Our coating system experts recommend the SPARTACOTE quartz coating system, the extremely tough and durable coating capable of easily withstanding heavy vehicle traffic.

You will find SPARTACOTE quartz coating systems in dozens of spaces throughout the U.S., including Enterprise Exotic Rental car locations at LAX, LAS, and ATL, at various Hertz rental locations, private parking structures, and more. You will also find SPARTACOTE quartz installed on exterior ramps, such as at the LATICRETE Corona, CA, plant.

Furthermore, SPARTACOTE coating systems work very well when applied in car dealership service bay areas. We’ve had successful installations in mechanic working areas in Nissan dealerships, auto service bays, and in shop floor spaces. Car dealership owners and managers love the fast return to service SPARTACOTE coating systems offer for quick weekend—or even one day—turnaround. They can be prepped, coated, and returned to service by Monday morning.

Click here to download the SPARTACOTE Quartz concrete coating system PDF.

SPARTACOTE Quartz concrete coatings offer parking structure owners:

-Fast return to service
-Customizable colors and textures
-Excellent impact and abrasion resistance
-Exceptional chemical resistance
-Safe, nonslip textures
-Interior or exterior use
-No hot tire pick-up
-3 year decorative surface system warranty

Watch us apply the highly durable SPARTACOTE Quartz concrete coating system to exterior ramps at the LATICRETE Corona, CA, plant. Click on the video below:

How To Install Spartacote Quartz Pure Concrete Coatings on Exterior Ramps in Corona, CA from Jeff Bonkiewicz on Vimeo.

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