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Collins Concrete Coatings revitalize Georgetown piano bar with SPARTACOTE Metallic coating systems

Collins Concrete Coatings revitalize Georgetown piano bar with SPARTACOTE Metallic coating systems

Sq Ft: 1,300

Old existing substrate: black and white paint over concrete

New SPARTACOTE system: SPARTACOTE Metallic coffee coating & MICA Chip

Collins Concrete Coatings is a seasoned SPARTACOTE installer in the Greater Washington, D.C., area. They serve residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. After completing a residential SPARTACOTE job near D.C., they were called to a Georgetown-area piano bar to provide a concrete surface analysis and bid. After surveying the work and the owners agreeing to the bid, the work began.

The existing substrate was a 60+ year old concrete slab with the usual gouges, pop-outs, pitting and spalling. It was also painted and re-painted black and white throughout the years. There were dozens of previous patches performed as well on the existing surface. Prior owners had applied an oil-based black enamel to the floor to give it a dark sheen for effect. The Collins Team took all these things into consideration for proper surface prep and got to work.

The Collins Team used SPARTACOTE FAST FIX to repair the concrete cracks, spalls, and popouts, patching where needed. After these repairs were complete, they mechanically profiled the existing surface to an ICRI CSP 2 for proper adhesion.

After the surface prep was complete, the Collins Team applied a black primer coat to the surface. They applied SPARTACOTE Flex PURE pigmented black at approximately 200 sq ft / gallon to the prepared surface. They then allowed the base primer coat to cure for about 2 hours. Then, the Collins Team sanded the PURE primer coat with 100 grit screens. From there, they were ready for the Metallic coat.

Odor can be […]

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Antimicrobial concrete coatings for operating rooms and hospital hallways

Antimicrobial concrete coatings for operating rooms and hospital hallways

Did you know that SPARTACOTE Flex PURE Clinical Plus concrete coatings offer fast curing, very low odor installation equipped with Antimicrobial technology, making them the perfect coating systems for hospital operating rooms, hallways, and bathrooms? The silver ion technology within the coating acts as a microbial mitigating agent, giving you excellent protection against common, everyday contaminants.

SPARTACOTE Flex PURE coating systems also go vertical, giving floor owners a seamless cove base where the horizontal surface meets the vertical one. These ensure no microbial penetration into your flooring system and give you excellent floor uptime, low maintenance, and easy to clean properties.

How high can SPARTACOTE go in vertical applications?

It depends upon the system you select and the substrate you’re adhering to. Check with your LATICRETE resinous coating systems expert to find out. To find one near you, call 203-393-0010.

Available in dozens of colors and textures, SPARTACOTE coating systems are easy to customize to your facility’s needs. Custom colors are available upon request. SPARTACOTE Flex PURE Chip floors are the most commonly installed coating systems in operating rooms and hallways. However, other systems, such as our SPARTACOTE Flex PURE Quartz, are also available for installation. See below:

SPARTACOTE coating systems are not standard grade epoxy coatings. SPARTACOTE offers rapid cure and fast return to service floors, typically done in about one day depending upon floor size and project schedule. Additionally, these high performance coating systems are up to 3x more abrasion resistant than standard grade epoxies, making them far more durable and long lasting. Finally, SPARTACOTE technology within the coating makes it UV-stable, ensuring no fade due to sunlight. For exterior systems, this is […]

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  • TMS-Texas-Motor-Speedway-race-car-garages-with-Spartacote-Metallic-Cobalt-Blue-Coatings
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    SPARTACOTE® concrete coating systems give new meaning at Texas Motor Speedway’s race car garages

SPARTACOTE® concrete coating systems give new meaning at Texas Motor Speedway’s race car garages

In this video, you will discover the strength, customization, and fast cure nature of SPARTACOTE coating systems installed at the Texas Motor Speedway located in No Limits, TX. These high performance coating systems are perfect for commercial, residential, and industrial garage floors and large spaces that require safe, durable, and easy to clean properties.

Watch Texas-based Intertech Flooring apply SPARTACOTE medium gray solid colors, cobalt blue Metallic coatings, safety yellow line striping coatings, and logo installation:

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Did you know that SPARTCOTE concrete coating systems make excellent applications for parking structures and vehicle traffic areas?

SPARTACOTE customized coating systems make excellent systems for parking structures and vehicle traffic areas. Our coating system experts recommend the SPARTACOTE quartz coating system, the extremely tough and durable coating capable of easily withstanding heavy vehicle traffic.

You will find SPARTACOTE quartz coating systems in dozens of spaces throughout the U.S., including Enterprise Exotic Rental car locations at LAX, LAS, and ATL, at various Hertz rental locations, private parking structures, and more. You will also find SPARTACOTE quartz installed on exterior ramps, such as at the LATICRETE Corona, CA, plant.

Furthermore, SPARTACOTE coating systems work very well when applied in car dealership service bay areas. We’ve had successful installations in mechanic working areas in Nissan dealerships, auto service bays, and in shop floor spaces. Car dealership owners and managers love the fast return to service SPARTACOTE coating systems offer for quick weekend—or even one day—turnaround. They can be prepped, coated, and returned to service by Monday morning.

Click here to download the SPARTACOTE Quartz concrete coating system PDF.

SPARTACOTE Quartz concrete coatings offer parking structure owners:

-Fast return to service
-Customizable colors and textures
-Excellent impact and abrasion resistance
-Exceptional chemical resistance
-Safe, nonslip textures
-Interior or exterior use
-No hot tire pick-up
-3 year decorative surface system warranty

Watch us apply the highly durable SPARTACOTE Quartz concrete coating system to exterior ramps at the LATICRETE Corona, CA, plant. Click on the video below:

How To Install Spartacote Quartz Pure Concrete Coatings on Exterior Ramps in Corona, CA from Jeff Bonkiewicz on Vimeo.

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SPARTACOTE packaging update – new look for SPARTACOTE Flex SB Part A pails

In an effort to improve differentiation between Part A and Part B 5-gallon Spartacote Flex materials, we have changed the Part A packaging to a White Pail and Lid combination. The Part B units will remain in the standard grey pails. This change is effective immediately on all newly manufactured Spartacote Flex SB and PURE 5-gallon units.

Products to be packaged in White Pail/Lid:
9105-0005-2 — Flex SB PT A — Clear / 5 GAL
9114-0375-2 — Flex SB Pig Base PT A — Base/3.75 GAL
9145-0005-2 — Flex PURE PT A — Clear/5 GAL
9380-0005-2 — Flex PURE PT A CLINICAL + — Clear/5 GAL
9153-0375-2 — Flex PURE Pig Base PT A — Base/3.75 GAL
9382-0005-2 — Flex PURE Pig Base PT A CLINICAL + — Base/3.75 GAL

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One LATICRETE Tour – Coming soon to a city near you…[PDF download of 2017 tour dates included]

This summer, we take SPARTACOTE coating systems on the road with us, hitting dozens of cities all across the U.S. It’s like our own Rock show we bring to your town. It is the One LATICRETE Tour.

Click here to download the One LATICRETE Tour PDF for east coast dates + cities.

SPARTACOTE concrete coatings system experts will be on the road this summer, taking their expertise to local venues for training distributors, flooring installers, surface prep pros, and more. If you’ve ever been to LATICRETE training before, you know they’re an excellent place to learn, to meet other flooring pros, and to get hands-on with the materials. The One World Tour will be just like those trainings, only more frequent and in far more cities than normal.

At the training, you will discover the following:
-Customized Metallic coating systems
-Quartz coating systems
-Mitigating moisture within the slab
-Concrete repair methods
-Cove base installation
-Vertical installation
-And much more!

Coming Near You!

Confirmed dates:
May 4th – Charlotte, NC

May 11th – Jacksonville, FL

May 18th – Boston, MA

June 8th – Toronto, ON

June 14th – Brooklyn, NY

June 22nd – Raleigh, NC

June 29th – Syracuse, NY

July 19th – Pittsburgh, PA

July 20th – Miami, FL

Sept 14th – Richmond, VA

Sept 14th – White Plains, NY

Oct 5th – Alexandria, VA

Oct 5th – Hartford, CT

Oct 19th – Philadelphia, PA

Stay tuned for more.

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Specialized SPARTACOTE safety line striping concrete coatings for auto parts distribution centers [PDF download.]

Vancouver, B.C. – The Toyota Parts Distribution Center is a very busy shipping and receiving facility for all Toyota dealerships in northwest North America. It is a massive space with high up-time demands to fulfill orders. After years of use, areas of the existing concrete floor coating had worn through, spalled, or otherwise gone bad.

Toyota had long-time concrete floor repair partner, Roselli Construction, based in Burnaby, B.C., evaluate the floor and make a recommendation. Roselli Construction is a quality first concrete restoration and coatings application company. Roselli crew leader Chris Powell is one of Vancouver’s leading experts in concrete floor coating systems. Roselli tackles concrete projects both large and small for a variety of markets, from minor concrete patching to an intrusive concrete slab restoration, Roselli’s attention to detail, workmanship, and customer service exceeds owner expectations.

Roselli had been doing repairs at the parts distribution center for approximately five years. After performing a thorough floor analysis, they determined that Toyota’s only option was to prep and re-coat the industrial floor with a new coating system. There was a big challenge, however: they would only have weekends to do the concrete coatings floor work. Toyota’s distribution center is in full operation mode Monday to Friday with no time to hand the industrial floor over for repair.

Click here to download the Toyota Auto Parts Distribution Center safety line striping SPARTACOTE coatings PDF

At that time, Roselli discovered SPARTACOTE, and began working with SPARTACOTE coatings experts. Roselli got comfortable with the product and well versed in its fast cure chemistry. Roselli provided Toyota management with some SPARTACOTE flooring samples. Next, they did a mock up around a loading bay and coated industrial traffic lines. Then, they gave […]

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Upcoming SPARTACOTE training for Flooring and surface prep contractors at Innovative Floor Coatings in New Port Richey, FL

Upcoming SPARTACOTE® resinous flooring hands-on training for flooring and surface prep contractors.

Register for and attend the SPARTACOTE® coating systems & DRYTEK self-leveling underlayment hands-on demonstration & training at Innovative Floor Coatings in New Port Richey, FL, on Wednesday, March 22nd and Thursday, March 23rd. At this training, you will learn about SPARTACOTE concrete coatings best practices from resinous flooring experts with decades of experience in the field. Additionally, you will discover versatile DRYTEK self-leveling underlayments, also by LATICRETE International. These durable, multi-use products offer self-leveling, moisture mitigation, and other qualities that make for easy installation. They also give floor owners a 3 year decorative surface warranty.

There is no cost to attend the SPARTACOTE & DRYTEK training and lunch is included!

When: Wednesday, March 22nd and Thursday, March 23rd, 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Where: Innovative Floor Coatings, 5839 Trouble Creek Rd., New Port Richey, FL 34652
Who Should Attend: Floor coverings installers, concrete surface prep contractors, Epoxy Coatings Installers, polished concrete contractors

To sign-up, call Jeff Bonkiewicz at 203-641-5395 or email

SPARTACOTE coatings & DRYTEK self-leveling underlayment Demonstration & Discussion Topics include:
-Proper surface preparation techniques, including CSP, fixing cracks & spalls, using skim coat, and installing cove base
-How moisture in concrete can ruin your job and what to do about it
-Why DRYTEK self-leveling underlayments? What’s in it for you?
-Particular SPARTACOTE coating systems for certain applications – why and how best are they installed?
-How contractors should market themselves to residential & commercial customers
-Shooting the floor for surface prep and prior to self-leveling underlayment application
-Microbials in flooring: what to do to mitigate them and minimize their harmful effects

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SPARTACOTE coating systems installed in phase 2 race car garages at the Texas Motor Speedway

SPARTACOTE Concrete Coating systems installed in two phases in race car garages at the Texas Motor Speedway

North Garages Phase 1: 22,000 sq ft2 (2,044 m2) of NASCAR-grade commercial garage spaces and safety inspection bay areas

South Garages Phase 2: 22,000 sq ft2 (2,044 m2) of NASCAR-grade commercial garage spaces and safety inspection bay areas

SPARTACOTE installer: Intertech Flooring – Austin, TX

SITUATION – Texas Motor Speedway Race Car Garages SPARTACOTE Coatings project

The Texas Motor Speedway, located in No Limits, TX, is home to several popular NASCAR events each year. Everything about the place states no limits. Four Dallas Cowboys’ football stadiums fit inside the track. It has the biggest outdoor high definition digital display board in the country. It houses over 190,000 screaming fans that attend the NASCAR events and make Ft. Worth, TX, their home for up to two weeks.

In the fall of 2016, Texas Motor Speedway management partnered up with LATICRETE International to bring high performance SPARTACOTE concrete coating systems to the legendary raceway’s massive racecar garages. The existing floor surface had a thin film epoxy that was failing and had exceeded its service life. The owners were not looking for just any old epoxy coatings as a replacement. , though. They demanded professional, customized concrete coating systems, which only SPARTACOTE offers.

CHALLENGE – Texas Motor Speedway Race Car Garages SPARTACOTE Coatings project

Working with design professionals, they initiated their garage floor concept, including custom colors, textures, logos, and specified a moisture mitigating primer coat and medium gray base coats spanning the concrete surface to minimize any excess moisture found within the existing slab. Texas-based Intertech Flooring was awarded the project due to their excellent reputation in flooring solutions and experience in specialty, high profile […]

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Did you know that SPARTACOTE Flex PURE Clinical Plus is an excellent coatings choice for dog kennels and dog day care centers?

The Clinical Plus product offers silver ion antimicrobial technology to mitigate harmful bacteria and odors such as pet urine. It acts as an added layer of protection within a Spartacote concrete coating system for prepared surfaces. These systems offer dog kennel owners customizable colors and textures, fast return to service and a 3 year warranty.

SPARTACOTE® PURE Clinical Plus™ is tested, vetted and proven in environments where cleanliness is a top priority, such as hospitals, clinics, animal shelters, veterinary facilities, pharmaceutical production areas, bathrooms, locker rooms, and food production.

Available in clear gloss and pigmented finishes, the material is applied in single or multiple coats to prepared concrete by broom, roller or squeegee. SPARTACOTE® PURE Clinical Plus™ is an optimal coating solution offering highly durable, safe, customizable, high traction properties with rapid return to service.

Collins Concrete Coatings out of Ashburn, VA, recently applied the SPARTACOTE Clinical Plus coating in a dog kennel in Leesburg, VA. This coating system included a base medium gray coat. It was then top coated with the Clinical Plus clear, giving the floor excellent abrasion resistance, easy to clean properties, and silver ion antimicrobial technology. Total square footage in this project is approximately 1,200.

Check out the photos below to see the before and after of the dog kennel.

To find out how SPARTACOTE Clinical Plus can help your facility’s cleanliness, contact us today at 203-393-0010 or

Thank you to Collins Concrete Coatings for this excellent project profile.

Collins Concrete Coatings
44642 Guilford Drive, Unit 113
Ashburn, VA 20147

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