SPARTACOTE concrete coatings make excellent flooring solutions for aviation hangars and airplane maintenance facilities. SPARTACOTE Guard solid color systems with GRIP traction additive make for excellent concrete coatings for this market.


Aircraft Hangar concrete coatings solid colors

SPARTACOTE is proven in the aviation market with successful installations at Dulles International Airport, Denver International Airport, and in Oklahoma City’s airport. What these airport authorities and management find wonderful about SPARTACOTE concrete coatings is their fast return to service, excellent chemical and abrasion resistance, and long lasting formulations. They also enjoy the fact that SPARTACOTE offers customizable colors & textures, and safe, high traction flooring. Airplane hangars and maintenance areas cannot afford even short-term shut-down that traditional epoxy systems require (multi-day floor shut-down depending upon facility size).

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Dulles Industrial Floor Concrete Coating with High Traction

What is required in SPARTACOTE specialized coating installations for aviation hangars and maintenance facilities?

A trained SPARTACOTE coatings system expert will begin with concrete surface prep by mechanical profile, using a grinder to hone and grind away any mastics, glue, laitance, and other surface contaminants that would inhibit the bond to the new SPARTACOTE coating system. After thorough surface prep, the coatings crew will mix and apply the selected SPARTACOTE coating to the aviation maintenance areas. They’ll begin by applying a solid color base coat of material for the SPARTACOTE GUARD system installation. After allowing it to cure for about 90 minutes, they then apply the clear top coat of SPARTACOTE material, typically with SPARTACOTE GRIP traction additive. Depending upon aviation facility size, a trained coatings crew should get the new flooring system complete over a weekend, returning the facility to service on Monday morning. SPARTACOTE makes for high facility up-time and easy floor maintenance.


Aircraft Hangar concrete coatings by Spartacote Medium Grey

What is required for facility managers to maintain SPARTACOTE coatings after they’ve been installed?

SPARTACOTE coating systems are easy to maintain. They only require regular cleaning with a neutral pH cleaner, such as Simple Green® mixed with water. This conditioning solution will ensure that your SPARTACOTE coating system looks great for the long term. If down the road you find that your SPARTACOTE floor is losing its sheen, you may wax the floor using specific types of wax. Please contact LATICRETE technical services before you wax the floor to ensure proper waxing methods are applied.


Concrete Coatings for Aviation Maintenance Facilities

Do SPARTACOTE coatings systems come with a warranty?

Yes. SPARTACOTE coating systems offer a 3 year decorative system warranty. Though, we expect your new SPARTACOTE floor to last well beyond the 3 year timeframe if it is well maintained.


Aircraft Hangar Concrete Coatings wide shot