Your garage is a special place. It houses your cars, your tools, and
other possessions important to you. It also functions as a personalized
gathering space for people to build community and camaraderie.


High performance Concrete Coatings for Residential Garages

The garage concrete floor is a space easily customized to your particular
preferences, showing all who enter what’s unique about you.

SPARTACOTE Resinous Flooring Systems for Residential Garages

SPARTACOTE™ concrete coating systems for residential garage floors offer owners high end, custom, and personalized flooring solutions. Further,
these resinous systems give your garage floor superior protection,
excellent abrasion and chemical resistance and fast return to service,
typically applied in one day.


High performance Spartacote residential garage concrete coatings Chip systems

SPARTACOTE™ CHIP is our most popular concrete coating system for residential garage floor owners. SPARTACOTE™ CHIP offers floor owners fast installation, customizable colors and textures, safe, nonslip characteristics, 3x the abrasion resistance of traditional epoxy floors, and a 3 year decorative system warranty. SPARTACOTE™ CHIP, like all SPARTACOTE coating systems, offers logo installation as well. So, you can apply your favorite team’s logo to your garage floor, giving it a personalized, custom look and feel.


Spartacote Flex Chip Coating System Description

To download the SPARTACOTE High Performance concrete coatings for residential garages PDF, click here.

Additionally, SPARTACOTE is available in a very low VOC and low odor qualities. So, if you’re concerned about strong solvent odors at installation time, you need not be. SPARTACOTE also gets applied in schools, restaurants, and even hospital operating rooms where safety, security, and health of occupants are top priorities. This is a fast cure formulation as well, with typical installation performed in one day (subject to project size and existing slab conditions).

To watch SPARTACOTE FLEX PURE concrete coating be applied in a residential garage floor, click on the video below:

It is important to note: SPARTACOTE coating systems are not your typical epoxy do-it-yourself coatings you find at Home Depot or Lowe’s. These resinous flooring systems are for professional use only, applied by trained and experienced coatings installers. LATICRETE International, Inc., invests time, money and effort into training applicators, ensuring SPARTACOTE coating systems contractors understand the entire installation process, from concrete surface prep by mechanical profile all the way through to applying the final top coat. The fast cure nature of SPARTACOTE is one of its key characteristics; however, in the wrong, untrained hands, it can be misapplied, resulting in undesirable finishes.


SPARTACOTE high performance concrete coatings for residential garages