We’re often asked how to install and apply SPARTACOTE Metallic Concrete Coatings systems. This unique, artistic coating system is actually one of the easier SPARTACOTE systems to install. It consists of a black base primer coat, the Metallic mid-coat, and then a clear SPARTACOTE top coat. Installers may add SPARTACOTE GRIP for additional traction if the floor owners would like.

SPARTACOTE Metallic coating systems are popular in commercial retail environments, showrooms, theaters, entryways, bars, and restaurants.


Cobalt blue Metallic Spartacote coating over medium grey coating

We recently created this video, showing you how to install SPARTACOTE METALLIC Coating systems. This is the cobalt blue metallic coating. Directions follow the video script.

Prepare the concrete by mechanical profile, using a grinder to achieve a CSP 2.

Once the concrete is prepared, pour the black pigment bottle into Spartacote Flex SB part A. Mix thoroughly for two minutes with a slow speed drill. Once the pigmented material has fully dispersed, mix Part A with Spartacote Flex SB Part B in a separate container. Mix for two minutes with a slow speed drill.

Then, once mixing is complete, apply a ribbon of the black base coat of Spartacote material to the prepared concrete.

Using a Spartacote Broom, broom the material out onto the surface, spreading it evenly. Immediately following the broom, back roll the Spartacote material using a roller. Additional ribbons of material should be poured into the existing ribbons before it runs dry. Always maintain the wet edge.

After the black base coat cures, prepare the Metallic pigment coat.

Take the 8 oz Metallic pigment bottle and pour into 1 Gallon of Spartacote Flex SB part A clear. Mix thoroughly for two minutes.

In a separate container and once the pigmented material has fully dispersed, mix pigmented Part A with Spartacote Flex SB Part B. Mix for two minutes with a slow speed drill.


Spartacote Metallic System Cutaway

After mixing the pigmented Part A with Part B, apply mixed material over the black base coat at 100 sq ft / gallon. Spread pigmented material around the floor using a SPARTACOTE broom or saturated roller in a manner that achieves the desired effect. Material should be dry after 1 to 2 hours.

The last step in Spartacote Metallic coating systems is a clear top coat. Mix Spartacote Flex SB Part A clear with Spartacote Flex SB Part B. After mixing, pour out a ribbon of clear material onto the Metallic pigment coat at 300 sq ft / gallon. Broom over the Metallic coat using a Spartacote broom. Immediately following the broom, back-roll the wet resin in a perpendicular fashion. Note that Spartacote Grip traction additive may be used for additional texture and traction within the top coat.

The Spartacote Metallic coating is ready for foot traffic in two hours and ready for vehicle traffic in 24 hours.