Did you know that SPARTACOTE Stain concrete coating systems offer a polished concrete look and feel for architectural colors with minimal downtime?

Specialized SPARTACOTE concrete coating systems offer beautiful, customized architectural color options for prepared surfaces. These systems look just like polished concrete, only they save floor owners and installers significant amounts of installation time. Further, these SPARTACOTE STAIN coatings offer floor owners excellent abrasion & impact resistance, excellent chemical & stain resistance, and easy to clean properties.


SPARTACOTE Stain Concrete Coatings in retail Winery

Concrete Surface Profile for SPARTACOTE Coatings Systems

Let’s talk typical installation of the SPARTACOTE STAIN coating system. Prepare the concrete by mechanical profile to an ICRI CSP 2. The roughened surface should resemble 80 to 100 grit sandpaper. Using a surface prep machine ensures that all surface contaminants are removed from the area, including mastics, glue, laitance, and other bond breaking agents.

After surface prep is complete, apply L&M VIVID DYE to the surface using a dye sprayer. Note that these concrete dyes may be mixed with acetone or water at the jobsite. Acetone flashes off faster than water, but installers have to deal with the smell. Installers must use their best judgment when selecting dye mixing agents.


SPARTACOTE STAIN Decorative Concrete Coatings System

L&M VIVID DYE for Concrete Coating systems

Apply mixed L&M VIVID DYE to the prepared surface at approximately 400 sq ft per gallon. Carefully remove any puddling of the dye from the surface using a clean cloth. Allow the dye to cure, typically around one to two hours. The surface will need to be 100% dry before applying the SPARTACOTE top coat.

Click here to download the Application Guide for SPARTACOTE STAIN concrete coating installation procedures PDF.


Spartacote Stain Concrete Coatings in retail Winery

L&M VIVID DYE offers floor owners and installers:
-Extensive selection of vivid colors
-Fast drying
-Can be used in conjunction with acid stained floors as base color or touch-up color
-Can be applied to any prepared, cementitious surface
-Works perfectly with FGS PERMASHINE polished concrete floors or with SPARTACOTE coating systems over prepared concrete surfaces

Once the surface is dry to the touch, begin mixing SPARTACOTE Flex PURE parts A and B together. Apply the mixed material at 200 sq ft per gallon using a SPARTACOTE broom and backroll the material immediately. The surface is ready for foot traffic in two hours.

Collins Concrete Coatings of Ashburn, VA, completes area winery using SPARTACOTE STAIN coatings application

Collins Concrete Coatings out of Ashburn, Virginia, recently applied a SPARTACOTE STAIN concrete coating in an area winery. This is a perfect application fit between SPARTACOTE products and this retail space. The winery owners sought a floor with character, a dye color to complement their environment, and a flooring solution able to withstand spills that come with the business. They found it in the SPARTACOTE STAIN coating system.

SPARTACOTE Stain Concrete Coating system gives floor owners:
-Fast return to service with minimized downtime
-Customizable architectural colors
-Safe, nonslip characteristics
-Very low maintenance
-No hot tire pickup
-3 year decorative system warranty


Spartacote Stain Concrete Coatings in Retail Winery

Always perform an on-the-job mockup first before proceeding with SPARTACOTE STAIN concrete dye applications

Important Note: Every concrete slab is different. Always perform a mock-up on the jobsite first. Mock-ups and field test areas are required in order to validate performance and appearance-related characteristics, including but not limited to color, inherent surface variations, wear, anti-dusting, abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, stain resistance, coefficient of friction, etc., to ensure system performance as specified for the intended use, and to determine approval of the decorative flooring system.