Collins Concrete Coatings revitalize Georgetown piano bar with SPARTACOTE Metallic coating systems

Sq Ft: 1,300

Old existing substrate: black and white paint over concrete

New SPARTACOTE system: SPARTACOTE Metallic coffee coating & MICA Chip

Collins Concrete Coatings is a seasoned SPARTACOTE installer in the Greater Washington, D.C., area. They serve residential, commercial and industrial clients throughout northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. After completing a residential SPARTACOTE job near D.C., they were called to a Georgetown-area piano bar to provide a concrete surface analysis and bid. After surveying the work and the owners agreeing to the bid, the work began.


Georgetown Piano Bar with Spartacote Metallic concrete coating

The existing substrate was a 60+ year old concrete slab with the usual gouges, pop-outs, pitting and spalling. It was also painted and re-painted black and white throughout the years. There were dozens of previous patches performed as well on the existing surface. Prior owners had applied an oil-based black enamel to the floor to give it a dark sheen for effect. The Collins Team took all these things into consideration for proper surface prep and got to work.

The Collins Team used SPARTACOTE FAST FIX to repair the concrete cracks, spalls, and popouts, patching where needed. After these repairs were complete, they mechanically profiled the existing surface to an ICRI CSP 2 for proper adhesion.


Georgetown Piano Bar with Spartacote Metallic coffee concrete coating

After the surface prep was complete, the Collins Team applied a black primer coat to the surface. They applied SPARTACOTE Flex PURE pigmented black at approximately 200 sq ft / gallon to the prepared surface. They then allowed the base primer coat to cure for about 2 hours. Then, the Collins Team sanded the PURE primer coat with 100 grit screens. From there, they were ready for the Metallic coat.

Odor can be a big consideration for coatings installations, and this job was no exception. When odor must be kept to a minimum but the floor owner still wants the Metallic look and feel, coatings experts recommend using SPARTACOTE SURFACE BUILD 150, a self-leveling, 100% solids epoxy, which also acts as a build coat for thicker mil coating systems. Installers can add Metallic epoxy pigments to the SURFACE BUILD 150 resin, which are similar to the polyaspartic metallic pigments for the SPARTACOTE FLEX SB. The Collins Team added the Metallic epoxy pigments to the SURFACE BUILD 150, mixed it, and applied it over the black base coat. With its self-leveling properties, the Metallic pigments move more within the mid-coat so the effects are longer and increasingly life-like with this additional leveling. The coatings team then allowed the Metallic coat to cure.


Georgetown Piano Bar with Spartacote Metallic coffee concrete coating

After the SURFACE BUILD 150 metallic epoxy coat cured, the Collins Team applied a SPARTACOTE FLEX PURE top coat over the epoxy Metallic. PURE is SPARTACOTE’s high solids, low odor, very fast cure coating that also provides for excellent abrasion and chemical resistance. This top coat dries fast, allowing foot traffic in two hours.

After the main floor was complete, they moved onto the stairs, which needed to be addressed. The stairs had been painted (and repainted) black and white. The piano bar owner wanted the stairs to complement the main floor so that they would stick out for safety reasons but not out so much that they don’t fit with the overall design theme. The owners selected SPARTACOTE MICA Chip Copper River for the stairs as a complement to the Metallic coffee floor.


Georgetown Piano Bar with Spartacote MICA Chip coating on stairs

The Collins Team hand-ground the stairs down to a CSP 2, and then applied the base PURE primer coat. They then flaked the selected MICA chip into the wet base primer coat and allowed it to cure. Next, they scraped the excess chip from the stair surface and finally applied a clear SPARTACOTE Flex PURE top coat to the areas. The chip texture ensures high traction while the MICA design offers complementary colors to the Metallic coating system over the rest of the floor.


Georgetown Piano Bar Metallic coffee concrete coating

The floor owners are thrilled with their new SPARTACOTE Metallic and MICA chip floor. They love its quick installation and fast turnaround time, the Metallic’s beautiful depth and artistic flair, and the coatings’ safe, nonslip properties.

Thank you to Buck Collins, Steve Medina and the Collins Team for their efforts in this project and story photography.

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