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Architect Center: Polyaspartic Concrete Floor Coatings Specifications & Resources

Architect Center: Polyaspartic Concrete Floor Coatings Specifications & Resources

Polyaspartic Concrete Floor Coatings Specifications & Resources

We offer a complete line of proven high performance polyaspartic resinous flooring systems that deliver value through lasting durability. Whether you are designing a heavy industrial concrete floor coating or a more decorative resinous flooring system, we have the products and technical support to meet your needs. Our environmentally friendly products meet LEED project certification requirements such as low to no-VOC emissions while dramatically reducing job site waste. Additionally, our products exhibit superior durability characteristics which help save significant cost and energy over the lifetime of any project.

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Polyaspartic Concrete Floor Coatings Case Studies

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Polyaspartic Concrete Coating Systems are LEED Green Eligible

HP Spartacote’s sustainability objectives revolve around reducing waste and saving energy through offering quality, long-lasting products and utilizing the latest low-emitting, green-friendly technologies. These concrete Floor Coating Systems last.

Today, there are a number of “green-friendly” concrete coating products available. One component occasionally overlooked is the negative environmental impact stemming from products that do not perform or even fail. After all – the amount of waste, resources and energy required to replace a concrete floor coating is far more detrimental to our earth in the long-run. At HP Spartacote, we view the durability and subsequent longevity of a concrete floor coating as the most important piece in evaluating how eco-friendly a material truly is. Our concrete floor coating systems are among the most superior performing available in areas such as chemical and abrasion resistance, adhesion to concrete, and UV stability. Our products are designed to be installed quickly, saving energy resources and money.

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AIA Presentations

HP Spartacote is pleased to be a passport AIA CES provider. We are dedicated to offering our architectural partners the most up to date and thorough product specific training available. We are currently offering presentations to firms throughout the United States, which may be conducted in person or remote.

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